H96 Max Review – Surprising results!

H96 Max Review

H96 Max TV Box Review Today in my H96 Max TV box review, you’ll discover what it means to use high end hardware, and what are the benefits and challenges  of having a powerful Android TV box like the H96 …

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H96 Pro Dongle Overview

H96 Pro Dongle

H96 Pro Dongle Overview The manufacturers of the H96 line of TV boxes released their latest device the H96 Pro Dongle. This device is a dongle or TV stick as some people call them, was designed to provide the same …

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Khadas VIM2 DIY TV Box Review

Khadas VIM2 Review2

Khadas VIM2 DIY Android TV Box Review At first glance of the Khadas VIM2 DIY Android 7.1 TV box I was a bit concerned that a device so small could make any great impact as a TV box. However, after …

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