Vankyo X3 Projector: 2024 Design on a Budget

Vankyo X3 Projector

Vankyo X3 Budget Projector Review Today’s review is on the latest Vankyo X3 projector, a budget-friendly model with a trendy design and modern features that promise a great viewing experience with Dolby Audio. Let’s see if it lives up to …

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Their Best Model Ever – Nexigo PJ40 HD 1080p

Nexigo PJ40

Nexigo PJ40 Still Improving On Display Hey there, I’m thrilled to bring you an exciting projector review today. We’re diving into the Nexigo PJ40 HD 1080p projector, and trust me, this one’s a game-changer. I’ve been a fan of Nexigo …

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Yaber Pro U9 Projector – Special Screen inside

Yaber Pro U9 Projector

Yaber Pro U9 1080p Projector Review The Yaber Pro U9 1080p projector is a solid middle range model with modern features such as Wi-Fi screen mirroring and Bluetooth audio. However, the exciting part about this model is the included anti-light …

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Artlii Play 4 Android 10 Projector – Best for 2023

Artlii Play 4 Projector

Artlii Play 4 Projector Review With so many projector brands on the market there are times you need to highlight those that present something truly unique that sets them aside from the rest. The newest 2023 Artlii Play 4 projector …

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Yoton Y7 1080p Projector Review

Yoton Y7 1080p projector

Yoton Y7 1080p Projector Review Most 1080p projector’s on the market are often too expensive not to mention heavy and bulky, but the all new Yoton Y7 1080p projector is different. It delivers 1080p display in an elegant, lightweight, modern …

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2021 ViviBright D3000 1080p LED Projector Review

Vivibright D3000 Projector 1

ViviBright D3000 1080p LED Projector Review The Vivibright D3000 1080p LED projector is one of the newest models in their great line of Vivibright projectors. This new model adopts a vertical layout with electronic vertical and horizontal Keystone correction, and …

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Vivimage C480 1080p Projector Review

Vivimage C480 1080p Projector Review So this is ViviMAGE C480 projector and it is a 1080p projector for home theater entertainment. I tested this projector on a projector screen and it has a nice clean picture quality and the built-in …

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