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Yaber Pro U9 1080p Projector Review

The Yaber Pro U9 1080p projector is a solid middle range model with modern features such as Wi-Fi screen mirroring and Bluetooth audio. However, the exciting part about this model is the included anti-light projector screen fabric. This fabric is the latest in projector viewing technology that uses an inexpensive high contrast anti-light coating, that enhances the brightness of your display by as much as 50%. This allows you to use your projector during the day, as well as in well lit rooms without being affected by the glare. You can find similar fabrics on AliExpress, but believe me when I tell you the one that comes in your purchase is better.


The Pro U9 though it’s a good quality projector in terms of brightness of lumens modern design and easy to use interface, it does have some drawbacks that they need to improve upon. Such as the lack of an image looping software. Decoders that will allow it to process videos with Dolby audio internally. Audio settings, and compatibility with official streaming devices that has HDCP 2.3 protection. I like that it’s focus adjustment-wheel uses a smooth force feedback type adjustment that allows you to fine-tune the best focus, but to be quite honest its edges are a little bit blurred. For angle viewing it has digital horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment, as well as four-point corner keystone correction.


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Yaber Pro U9 hardware specs

  • So this model is the Pro U9 and it has a native resolution of 1920 by 1080p.
  • It has a brightness of 300 ANSI lumens.
  • A contrast ratio of 3000:1.
  • Its light source is LED and its display is LCD.
  • It has manual focus adjustment.
  • Manual vertical keystone correction.
  • Aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9.
  • Digital four-point corner keystone correction.
  • It has over 25000 hours of LED lamp life.
  • 2.4GHz +5 GHz wireless mobile screen mirroring.
  • And it has Bluetooth support.


Yaber Pro U9 Projector in the box


Yaber Pro U9 Design and I/O ports

The Yaber Pro U9 falls within the medium size category, with a dimension of 7 ¾ long by 9 inches wide by 4 inches tall. For design its entire body is made of plastic with an attractive demin fabric to the front with the Yaber branding a front facing IR sensor and a projector lens cover.

To the rear it has two HDMI display inputs two USB 2.0 ports a headphone jack one auxiliary port a rear facing IR sensor its AC power socket and the grill for its internal speaker.

To its left is where you’ll find its intake vent with a removable dust filter.

To its right its exhaust vent.

At the top you have touched manual controls its focus adjustment-wheel that has the force feedback feature that allows you to adjust its focus using a micro adjustment for the sharpest focus. And a vertical keystone correction lever.

To its base it has four anti skid rubber feet a screw type kickstand and screw holes for mounting to your ceiling which are hidden below each anti skid rubber feet.


Included special anti-light projector screen


For you to get a really good display from projector you have to purchase a projector screen and depending on your settings you would have to go for a stretch cloth type screen for front or rear viewing or a PVC matte fabric material usually found in the motorized or manual pull down or pull up screens.

But there is something new that has hit the market that revolutionizes the way we view our projectors that’s three times as cheap and delivers 30 to 50% better picture quality than standard projector screens during the daytime as well as in well-lit rooms.

This is what is called a high contrast anti glare projector screen or curtain as it’s listed on the sales page. This fabric uses a specialized high-density fiber material with a light-proof coating with no odor and it’s harmless to the human body and health. I was so fascinated by this simple inexpensive material that I started experimenting with various types to see which one delivers the best quality during my projector reviews.

What I discovered is that there are two types of fabric. A metallic grey and in non-metallic grey and they have recently launched a non-metallic white.

What the fabric does is that it amplifies the lumens of your projector by reflecting the beam back at you instead of it being absorbed by the conventional projector screen. So this is where the screen included in the Yaber Pro U9 model is different and stands out from the others on AliExpress and Amazon.

What I discovered is that the metallic grey can be very harsh on your eyes for persons who wear glasses or use contact lens. Also if you try to record your screen with a cell phone or camera it causes the camera to Flickr a lot.

The white anti glare fabric is the non-metallic type and it does not affect your eyes if you use glasses. It does deliver the same improved high contrast display but it’s not as great during daylight or in rooms with very bright lights. The fabric that comes with this projector and in their other Pro Y9 model is non-metallic grey and shows great during the daylight and well lit rooms as I’ll show you in just a moment.

The problem is you can’t get this same fabric retail on AliExpress or Amazon as the manufacturer of this particular one apparently only sells to Yaber. So to get the fabric you have to purchase the projector and trust me when I say I tried to purchase from different sources and tried to explain to various sellers that I’m looking for the non-metallic grey type and everyone seems to have the same metallic type and does not know what am referring to.

So if you would like to get your hands on one of these you will have to purchase one of Yaber models that bundles it with your purchase. However it comes in one size of 80 inches diagonally. The fabric is very cheap and could cost anywhere between $12-$14 for 100 inches.


Yaber Pro U9 USB Media Features

For playing videos from external storage such as pen drives and external hard drives it can only process internally HD 1080p videos and it cannot play 4K videos and downscale to 1080p. For playing surround sound audio internally I tested all the formats and it can only play 1080p videos with DTS HD-MA. Dolby audio videos play but with no audio.

For viewing images in a loop unfortunately its firmware does not have an image looping application to automatically select and loop images that comes in handy at weddings parties and funerals. The only way to scroll through images is by pressing the left or right buttons on the direction pad.

For viewing and editing office documents it comes with the WPS office suite of applications that can be used on documents such as word Excel spreadsheets PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents.



Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Features

Mirroring your mobile devices is simple and straightforward. Simply open your preferred option either Miracast for Android devices or IOS cast for Apple iPhones then open your screen mirroring app on your mobile phone and scan for the projector’s device name and pair to it.

If you would like a louder audio experience while watching movies or playing games you have the option of connecting to a Bluetooth speaker Bluetooth headphones or your surround sound AV receiver home theater system. Simply open the Bluetooth settings. Then set your Bluetooth speaker or AV receiver to Bluetooth pairing mode. Then perform a scan on the projector to detect your audio device. But please note is Bluetooth feature will only detect Bluetooth speakers headphones and AV receivers.



Final thoughts

In summary the Yaber Pro U9 deliverers the same display quality and features as their Pro Y9 model, and with their premium anti-light fabric deliverers a brighter display than standard projector screens. Issues faced in this model include no image looping software no compatibility with HDCP 2.3 streaming devices and it cannot play 4K HDR videos internally or Dolby audio internally.


Yaber Pro U9 projector pros and cons


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