Smeiker KT96 Max S905X4 Android TV Box

Smeiker KT96 Max

Exploring the Smeiker KT96 Max: A Comprehensive Review of Performance and Features Welcome to my detailed review of the Smeiker KT96 Max Android TV box, brought to you by Wells Electronic Technology Limited under the Smeiker brand. Packed with impressive …

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Magabox MG4 Live TV VOD Android TV Box Review

Magabox MG4 TV Box

Magabox MG4 Live TV VOD Android TV Box Review The Magabox MG4 is a live streaming box from the brand Magabox. It runs on the Allwinner chipset and has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. According to the …

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Edge2 Most Powerful TV Box Known To Man

Khadas Edge2 ARM Mini PC

Khadas Edge2 ARM mini PC Android TV Box DIY project I finally completed my DIY project of the Khadas Edge2 ARM mini PC, and converted it into an Android TV Box by installing their latest Android 12 firmware. In its maker …

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Khadas Edge2 DIY Case Assembly

Khadas Edge2 DIY Case Assembly

In this article, we will discuss the assembly process of the Khadas Edge2 DIY case. The Khadas Edge2 is a powerful SBC (Single Board Computer) that can be transformed into an attractive mini computer interface with the installation of the …

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Amlogic S928X 5X 64bit TV Boxes Are Here

Ugoos AM8 TV Box thumbnail

Amlogic S928X: Unleashing Next-Level Performance with Cutting-Edge 64bit Hardware Specifications In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Amlogic has emerged as a prominent player in the field of system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions. Their latest offering, the Amlogic S928X, is a testament to …

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BuzzTV X5 128AX Special Edition TV Box Wow!

Buzz TV X5 TV Box thumbnail

BuzzTV X5 Special Edition TV Box Review Today I have a special Android box from BuzzTV called the BuzzTV X5 special edition 128AX SE model. It runs on the Amlogic S905X4 chipset with 4GB of DDR4 RAM, and 128 GB …

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KinHank Super Console S2 Review

KinHank Super Console S2 Retro Gaming Console

KinHank Super Console S2 Review The Super Console S2 by KinHank is getting a stick used as the retro gaming console delivering 12,000+ retro games on 9 emulators. Unlike other retro consoles, this one is minimalistic and does not run on …

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SuperBox S4 PRO Live Streaming Android Box Review

SuperBox S4 PRO Live Streaming Android Box Review (Time 0 00 32;22)

SuperBox S4 Pro Review So we are witnessing a sharp decline in Android box releases, and an increase in live TV models with programming that some regard as questionable in relation to reliability and longevity. One such model is the …

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Tanggula X5 2023 Edition- Upgraded

Tabggula X5 2023 Android Box

Tanggula X5 2023 Edition Review Tanggula is known for its live TV models, and back in 2022, it released the Tanggula X5 which offered over 10,000 live TV channels and VOD movies. Fast forward to this year we now have the release …

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G96 Max A13 Android 13 TV Box Review

G96 Max Android 13 Android TV box

G96 Max Android 13 TV Review The G96 Max A13 is the first Android 13 budget TV box to hit the market for 2023. However, being one of the first it’s aimed at the budget individual, meaning it is cheaply built …

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