StreamX X1 Pro Live TV VOD Android TV Box Review

StreamX X1 Pro TV Box

Exploring the StreamX X1 Pro: A Comprehensive Review Today, I’m excited to dive into the latest addition to the streaming world: the StreamX X1 Pro. This device promises to revolutionize your TV experience with its plethora of live TV channels, …

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LincPlus T4 Android 13 High Performance Tablet

LinCPlus T4 Tablet

Tablets nowadays are not as popular as cell phones, but when you do get a good tablet it’s worth taking notice the LincPlus T4 is one such tablet. This high-end model runs on Android 13. It comes with a stylus …

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Great 4K Portable Monitor KYY K3-3 Review

KYY K3 3 4K Portable Monitor

KYY K3-3 4K Portable Monitor Released We have all probably seen an HD 1080p portable monitor but not many 4K, today we’re taking a look at the newest release from KYY: their KYY K3-3 4K portable monitor. This monitor boasts …

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Kwumsy S2 14″ laptop Triple Screen Extender

Kwumsy S2

Kwumsy S2 turns your laptop into a workstation Extended monitors or portable monitors for laptops are not very popular and the Kwumsy S2 14-inch 1080p triple monitor screen extender is one of those models. Let’s dive right in and explore its features, …

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