2024 iPazzPort A6 Wireless Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Review

Unboxing the iPazzPort A6

Today, I’m excited to share my thoughts on the new wireless mini keyboard from iPazzPort. This model is called the iPazzPort A6. It comes with modern features like Bluetooth, voice commands, and USB-C charging. Plus, it has the usual features like IR learning, a full QWERTY keyboard, touchpad navigation, and backlit keys.

iPazzPort A6 First Impressions

When you unbox the iPazzPort A6, you get the keyboard, a USB-C charging cable, and a user manual. The design is sleek and compact. The full QWERTY keyboard has backlit keys. You can cycle through the backlight options by pressing the function button and the backlight button.

iPazzPort A6 in the box

Features Overview

At the top, there’s a direction pad and an OK button. To the left, you have a home button and media control buttons. To the right, you find volume control buttons, a power button, and a voice command button. This voice command button works with features like Google search.

iPazzPort A6 top view

iPazzPort A6 rechargeable battery

iPazzPort A6 RGB lights

The back of the keyboard houses the battery compartment, which contains a rechargeable battery and a USB dongle. The top of the keyboard features left and right trigger buttons, a power switch, a USB-C charging port, and an IR sensor.

Touchpad and Navigation

The touchpad is very responsive. Next to it, you have a page up and down scrolling sensor. The manual explains how to adjust the cursor speed: press the function button and tap the space bar. For navigating Android and Windows, the direction pad or touchpad is very handy. Left and right mouse click buttons are located at the top, acting as trigger buttons. Their functions vary depending on your connection method: USB dongle or Bluetooth.

iPazzPort A6 Windows compatibility

IR Learning

The iPazzPort A6 supports IR learning. You can program up to 18 keys with colored programmable keys.

iPazzPort A6 in the box IR learning

iPazzPort A6 Compatibility


Windows Devices

The iPazzPort A6 is fully compatible with Windows desktops and laptops. Whether you use the USB dongle or Bluetooth, you get full control of Windows. The left and right mouse click buttons make navigation easy. You can make mouse selections, right-click, drag and drop, navigate pages, control volume, and type seamlessly with the full QWERTY keyboard. However, I wish it had a Windows button.

iPazzPort A6 Windows compatibility

Android TV Boxes

I connected the iPazzPort A6 to a Google-certified Android TV Box. I couldn’t get it to connect via Bluetooth, so I used the included USB dongle. To switch to dongle mode, press the RF button. When connected, you can navigate Android TV with the direction pad and OK button. The voice command button works with Google Assistant. For example, you can ask, “What’s the fastest car in the world?”

iPazzPort A6 Android compatibility

iPazzPort A6 on Smart TVs

You can connect the iPazzPort A6 to your TV via Bluetooth or USB dongle, depending on your TV’s navigation features and operating system. My TV has an Android TV operating system, making it easy to navigate.

iPazzPort A6 TV compatibility

Setting Up IR Learning

To set up IR learning for your TV’s power function or any other remote control:

  1. Press and hold the function button and the TV button for 3 to 5 seconds until the LED indicators flash rapidly, then slowly.
  2. Press the power button on your TV remote control until the LED on the keyboard stays solid.
  3. Press the power button on the mini keyboard; the LED will flash slowly again.
  4. Press the TV button on the keyboard to exit IR learning.

Repeat this process for any other button you want to program. I successfully programmed the power function of my TV’s remote. Now, I can power on and off the TV with the keyboard.

iPazzPort A6 in the box IR learning

Final Thoughts

That wraps up my review of the iPazzPort A6 wireless Bluetooth mini keyboard. It’s iPazzPort’s best model yet. It’s compatible with every device I connected it to. It has multiple programmable IR learning keys, well-positioned mouse buttons, Bluetooth plus USB dongle connectivity, and a very responsive touchpad.

If you’re interested, you can get it for only $23 on Amazon. Check the link in the description.

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