Vastking Kingpad M10 4G LTE Android 11 Tablet

Vastking KingPad M10 4G LTE Android 11 Tablet Review

Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet Launcher

The Vastking Kingpad M10 4G LTE Android 11 tablet is one such model that falls into the medium to high and category, and this tablet has features and accessories that surpasses what you are grown accustomed to seeing from your budget tablets. With this Vastking Kingpad M1o model you get premium features such as laminated HD display, 4G LTE mobile network connectivity, 4-way speaker design, dual built-in microphones for the Google assistant feature using far fields technology, facial unlocking of the tablets, octa-core CPU and Mali G52 GPU, 128 GB of internal storage, Android 11 operating system, high quality docking keyboard with trackpad, and so much more.

While reviewing this tablet I was quite pleased with the quality of its display and that the speed of its interface supported by it octa-core CPU and Mali G52 GPU. I was also taken by surprise when I discovered that this tablet has a dual Sim feature where you can install two Sim cards, or one Sim card and a microSD card. Once inserted, the tablet becomes your mobile phone and you also have mobile data but it’s only on the 4G LTE band. I was also surprised to see that it has four internal speakers and to built-in microphones and it worked so well with the Google assistant “Hey Google” feature.  With its octa-core CPU and the Mali GPU that gaming performance on this tablet is outstanding.

Another thing to note is that this tablet is Google certified and you can play premium services such as Netflix and Amazon prime video in HD 1080p quality. It comes with a Type C port but unfortunately do to it not having HDCP protection it does not have a desktop mode nor does it have screen mirroring via Type C cable.

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Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet in the box

Vastking Kingpad M10 tablet specs

CPU – Unisoc Tiger T618 Octa Core 1.8GHz
GPU – Mali G52
Internal Storage – 128GB
Bluetooth – 5.0
Wi-Fi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
Cellular Network – 4G LTE
Audio – 4 Internal Speakers
Mics – 2 built-in far-field microphones
Cameras – 8MP Front | 13MP Rear w/flashlight
Batters – 6000mAh 20 days idle | 12hrs continuous usage
Accessories – Docking Keyboard / Case

Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet kick stand Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet left IO ports Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet right IO ports Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet top dual speakers

Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet bottom speakers and pins

Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet rear facing camera


Antutu – 147,243

Vastking Kingpad M10 Tablet Antutu benchmark

Final thoughts

I really like this tablet and I would recommend that anyone looking to purchase a good high-performance tablet at a fraction of what you will pay for top name brands.

Despite all its remarkable and outstanding features there was one issue that I struggle with during this review, and that is. Once the tablet is connected to the docking keyboard you will lose the ability to read external USB storage devices, and USB controllers such as a mouse or USB gamepad. You must remove the tablet from the docking keyboard for the Type C port to read these devices. This can be quite annoying.

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