iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Review

iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Review

This is the latest iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini  Keyboard for 2022 and this model comes with a 2.4GHz band wireless dongle, as well as it can connect to your devices via Bluetooth, and it has a built-in rechargeable battery with backlit keys. So in this review we take a look at its design and button features, and I’ll also show you how to use its Bluetooth connectivity and with Windows and Android devices.


In the box contains the mini keyboard, a micro USB charging cable, and a user manual. Located in the battery compartment is the 2.4GHz wireless dongle receiver and its lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The manual states that it can be used with regular AAA batteries in the event that the rechargeable battery is faulty, however the compartment to hold those batteries does not have any connecting pins. So take note of that.

iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard in the box


iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Design

To the front of the keyboard features a full QWERTY keyboard with F1 through F10 keys with second function buttons to control its F11 and F12 keys, its back light feature, control alt delete function, and other functions such as, home and end keyboard functions. To the left of the keyboard it has mouse left and right click functions and to the right has page up and down functions.

On the upper half of the keyboard you have controls for your media player such as volume, play button, previous and next track buttons. At the right you have a direction pad with an okay button to the center. At the center you have your trackpad that features pinch and zoom functions, and it also has a mouse wheel function together with a mouse cursor air-mouse feature.

To the left of the trackpad you have a power button, a play button, a mute button, and an email shortcut button. And to the right it has a search button, a home button, a button to open your default browser, and a menu button, and to the top of the keyboard is where you’ll find its micro USB charging port, and an on off switch.

iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard buttons layout

iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard charging port iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard battery

How to connect the iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

There are two ways to connect this keyboard. First you can simply use the included USB dongle by plugging it into any available USB port on your device. You then to press the second function button and the RF button, which puts the keyboard into pairing mode with the dongle. You need to double check this, in the event the keyboard starts in Bluetooth mode, as there is no auto switching between the dongle mode and the Bluetooth mode, so take note of that.

The second way you can connect this keyboard is by using its Bluetooth function. This way is more convenient modern and conserves your USB port for other functions. Also on devices that does not have a USB port such as your mobile phone this will be your only method of connecting. To activate the Bluetooth pairing mode simply press the second function key and the F3 key on the keypad until the orange LED starts flashing. Then on your device search for Bluetooth keyboard and pair to it. Once it successfully paired the LED will stop flashing.

iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard orange LED iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard green LED iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard blue LED

Connected to Windows PC

On the keyboard it has a Windows button for accessing the start menu. Together in combination with the trackpad you can perform advance left and right mouse click functions. You can control the volume with the top left media controls. You can get the Ctrl-Alt-Del function by simply pressing the second function button and the enter button. You can use the direction pad and OK button to open any app.

You can open your default browser with the home button. Your default email client can be opened using the button with the  mail icon. And you can shutdown the PC by simply pressing the power button.

iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard windows compatibility

Connected to Android TV Box

The media controls and the direction pad perform the same functions of its default infrared remote to navigate the launcher and to control its volume. And if you are playing a media file the media control buttons will control the media player. Every button on the keyboard performs a specific function on the TV Box. The home button brings you back to the launcher’s home screen. The Internet Explorer button opens up your default browser. The search button opens up a search in your default browser.

The mail button opens up your default email app. The play button opens up your music player. And the power button puts the box into standby, and wakes from standby. The QWERTY keyboard is fully functional under Android and the only feature missing is a built-in microphone for Google assistant.

iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard TV Box compatibility

Connected to Smart TV

So here I have it connected to an LG 4K smart TV, and you get all basic functions such as volume controls. In apps such as Netflix you can navigate using the direction pad and okay button. Also if the TV has a mouse pointer feature the keyboard can access that feature with the trackpad. If you press the search button, it pulls up General web OS search feature on the TV. The keyboard does not have a built in the microphone so there is no voice commands when connected. And finally the keyboard can shutdown the TV but unfortunately it can’t power it back on because it does not have an IR learning function.

iPazzport blutooth mini keyboard Television compatibility

Final Thoughts

I like that you have the option of both the wireless dongle and connecting via Bluetooth, and that it has a full QWERTY keyboard for Windows and you have left and right mouse click buttons along with a responsive trackpad.

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  1. I really like the design of this latest ipazz-keypad. I’ve been using them as wireless key/mouse pads , since my first 4.4 android device back then when they were manufactured with material to survive a blast 💥 lol. Still runs on my 19 pro nvidia shield. (Original model) so anytime they release a new product I love to add it to the collection. I feel they’re the best at making these type of mini keypads now with the bluetooth & 2.4Ghz combined makes these extra accurate. Says delivery from July 25th and just went from 35 left to 11 lol so better pre order now if you get the chance.. just showing my appreciation for the company iPazzport – unisen limited , I’ve never had a product from them break, nothing but the best in accuracy

    • Hi Rich I really appreciate you sharing your experience with iPazzPort, and I agree with you that there are the best manufacturers of wireless mini keyboards on the market.


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