Topleo i96 Pro Retro Gaming Console Review

Topleo i96 Pro Retro Gaming Console Review

Today’s TV Box is a retro gaming console from Topleo configured differently from all the models we have seen thus far. This is the Topleo i96 pro retro gaming console 4GB 32GB Amlogic S905X4 Android TV Box. This box does not have to boot directly from an SD card to access its retro gaming platform. Instead, this new configuration allows you to boot into Android, use it as a regular Android box, and then access the retro gaming system that provides a special application. So in this review, we take a look at how this new configuration works and if it delivers a better gaming experience than the other models.


I96 Pro gaming console in the box

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Topleo i96 Pro Features

So in a previous article I already completed a detailed review of this exact model the firmware has not changed or been updated. So to view that review use this link Topleo i96 Pro Android box. So to quickly summarize what this model offers.

  • Its CPU is clocked at 2.0 GHz and configured in 32-bit mode.
  • Its operating system is Android 11.
  • Its firmware is rooted.
  • It has 4K 2160p display at 60hz with an adaptive HDR feature.
  • The Kodi media player and streaming APKs work great on this box.
  • It has all the decoders for the playback of 4K HDR and AV1 videos and that includes Dolby vision decoders. And it comes with surround sound audio decoders such as Dolby Atmos eac3 and DTS HD.
  • It has average benchmarks and good 3D gaming with gamepad key mapping.


So the body of this box is made of plastic and to its rear, it has one HDMI port one ethernet LAN port one AV port one IR extender port one optical audio port, and its DC power input jack. To its side has one USB 3.0 port one USB 2.0 and a microSD card slot with the retro gaming SD card already inserted. To its front, it has an LED display. And to its base, it has four antiskid rubber feet with no ventilation holes.


Topleo i96 Pro Retro Gaming app

In principle, the Topleo i96 Pro gaming console performs the same function as Emulationstation where it’s actually a hub consisting of various emulators. It does not have all the settings and configurations that come with EmuELEC as all settings are managed by the Android operating system. So its display audio Bluetooth and USB controllers are all managed by the Android OS. In total you have 10,323 retro games from specific platforms such as Mame Game Boy advanced Nintendo 64 Game Boy Color Game Boy classic Famicom PlayStation portable Megadrive Genesis Super Famicom Capcom power system 1 PlayStation one Neo Geo international gaming system and Capcom power system 2.

So before you begin playing you’ll need to set up the included PlayStation gamepad controllers. If you look into one of the gamepad’s battery compartments you’ll find a USB dongle transmitter that works for both gamepads which configures them as player one and player two.
So to pair each gamepad to the dongle after of course installing batteries and turning on the power switch simply press and hold the mode button until you see both red and green LEDs start flashing rapidly. Then on the dongle press, the pairing button and it will automatically detect and pair with them.


I96 Pro gaming console gamepad paring



i96 Pro interpolated display

So to play any game you can either browse each emulator in alphabetical order or you can press both left and right triggers buttons on the gamepad to perform a search. Even though the games may be the same as in other retro gaming models there is one thing that is different about the graphics rendering in this console. In all retro gaming consoles the games are displayed in 8-bit graphics however in this gaming console all games are in 8-bit with interpolation.
What this does is that it rounds out all the sharp edges produced by the 8-bit frames.



So in some of the games the interpolation improves its display quality however it causes blurriness in others. But not all games applies interpolation. For example the Game Boy advanced Nintendo 64 and the PS1 games are already in the 3D so it not needed.

So if you were born into the 90s and really miss the good old days of arcade gaming or if you are one of the newer generations and have a knack for retro gaming then this is a pretty decent retro gaming console with a difference. So if you would like to get your hands on this gaming console unfortunately is only being sold on the Topleo AliBaba store for single purchase and for wholesale orders.


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