Turn you PC into a Super Android TV Box with FydeOS – Bye Bye Android X86

FydeOS Installation Tutorial

As a TV box enthusiast, I stumbled upon a FydeOS in my quest to find the right operating system that can run Android on PC hardware. Most of you may have seen my many videos and attempts on various mini PCs to fill in these devices in the super android TV boxes. However, my main go to alternative operating system was Android x86 and the various forks around the web. Even though I had some success in applying the software it was never fully compatible, and I could never achieve 100% of the features needed to fully claim that a mini PC could perform every function of a typical Android TV box. More than that Android x86 is always in development and new releases are usually slow in coming. I stumbled upon FydeOS which is a chrome OS fork running an android subsystem and it presented a new way for me to achieve what I have always been longing to. Whilst FydeOS it to is not 100% compatible with PC hardware enough that I can claim it to be a total replacement for Android TV box, it’s more compatible and solve this more of the compatibility issues faced by Android x86 and brings me much closer to achieving my goal.



FydeOS Home Page (Right click Translate to English Chrome browser)

AROB V0.10


AROB Github download

FX File explorer

Mini Partition Tool


Features of FydeOS

  • Chrome OS operating system.
  • Chromium browser.
  • Android subsystem with full Google play services.
  • Wi-Fi and ethernet LAN works.
  • 32 and 64bit ABIs.
  • Bluetooth works.
  • Audio via HDMI switch readily available.
  • Official Netflix and Amazon prime video on chromium browser.
  • Root Access option.
  • YouTube in 4K 2160p quality
  • 4K display resolution which screen size adjustment.
  • And cloud server settings storage.
  • Keyboard/mouse/gamepad compatible.
  • Built-in screen rotation.
  • High quality graphics gaming.
  • Intel and AMD compatible.
  • Auto restore android apps upon reset or reinstall.

FydeOS Operating System launcher

Cons of FydeOS

  • No HDR display.
  • No Dolby vision.
  • No Dolby Atmos or DTS audio.
  • No drag and drop desktop shortcuts.
  • No 4K video playback that contains HDR and digital audio formats.
  • Gamepad key mapping does not work.

FydeOS Operating System Android sub system


I know many of you just as I do would love to see the day when we can choose how we would like to run Android and the use high end hardware to do it. Even though FydeOS still doesn’t achieve 100% of this it still achieves more than android x86. Also keep in mind it has eight cloud server elements to it so it’s in beta, so I don’t know how long that is when the last. But for now it’s free to use.


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2 thoughts on “Turn you PC into a Super Android TV Box with FydeOS – Bye Bye Android X86”

    • The version used in the video was their very first version which is version 11.4, it’s the free version and it is still available to download on my blog page.
      The ability to root version 11 still works but unfortunately, all later versions freezes up the Android subsystem when you try to root it.
      You will not find version 11 anywhere else for download. There is a better way to get all the features of FydeOS with Google Play Store and play services with root access using the Chrome OS brunch framework method.
      I am working very hard to find the time to make that video for you guys but it’s very challenging with all these reviews pending.


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