Mecool KA2 NOW Amlogic S905X4 WebCam Social Media TV Box

Mecool KA2 NOW Review

When I received the Mecool KA2 NOW for review, I was quite excited seeing that the was built using the new Amlogic S905X4 chipset. What was even more exciting was that it came with a built-in WebCam on social media apps, and it ran on a fully Google certified Android 10 TV OS operating system. It also printed on the box that it has OK Google far field the voice technology, and it came with a Bluetooth Google assistant voice control remote.

No this would have been one of the times when I would have to pull out my whopping stick and have a go at Mecool when I discovered that despite having all these amazing features they blocked you from sideloading your personal APKs. However, after consulting with Mecool I learned that this unpopular move was necessary in order for them to produce a TV box with a built-in camera to attain full Google certification.

Google requires any android device with a built-in camera to have the required security features that will prevent unscrupulous persons from hacking into the device and accessing camera, whereby spying on you or even worse spying on children. So to prevent this Mecool had no choice but to block the sideloading of Apks that could see malicious apps installed on this device.

On the bright side the box is fully Google certified to play premium streaming services such as Amazon prime video, Disney plus, and sling TV. They still haven’t really acquired their Netflix certification clearance. Sorry I couldn’t place it on the ranking chart.

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Mecool KA2 Now in the box


CPU – Amlogic S905X4 2.0GHz
GPU – ARM Mali G31 Open GL ES 3.2
Internal Storage – 16GB
Wi-Fi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
Bluetooth 4.2
Camera – 2MP

Mecool KA2 Now system information

Mecool KA2 Now CPU info

IO Ports

1 HDMI input
1 HDMI output
1 RJ45 LAN
1 USB 3.0
1 DC input

Mecool KA2 Now front view Mecool KA2 Now side view Mecool KA2 Now top view Mecool KA2 Now bottom view


Amlogic S905X4 CPU 2.0GHz Mali G31
Android 10 TV OS
Built-in Camera Zoom/Skype/Facebook/Tik Tok/Youtube
Google Certified Prime Video/
Disney+ in HD/4K
Wide vine L1/HDCP 2.2
OK Google Far Field technology
Google Assistant
Built-in Chrome cast
Built-in Screen rotation
AV1 Decoding video playback MX Player
Digital Surround sound formats
Dual Band Wi-Fi / GB LAN
Bluetooth OK
Gaming good GFX quality

Mecool KA2 Now launcher Mecool KA2 Now DRM info Mecool KA2 Now mount on to of screen Mecool KA2 Now Bluetooth remote Mecool KA2 Now Dolby Atmos



No Sideloading of APKs
Not Rooted
No Netflix ESN for HD/4K
No monitoring of heat levels
No Antutu and other benchmarking
No Dolby True HD
I/O ports should be at the back instead of below. Makes it impossible to rest on flat surfaces.
2MP camera quality only.
One USB port only

Mecool KA2 Now pros and cons


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