H96 Mini H8 Rockchip RK3228A TV Box Review

H96 Mini H8 Rockchip RK3228A Android 9 TV Box Review

There are many budget TV Boxes running on the latest hardware but the H96 mini H8 is not one of them. At first glance this looks like a great budget option but sometimes you can get overwhelmed with all the different CPUs. Sometimes you can get caught when you don’t double check for previous hardware. It’s never a good thing when you try to use out dated hardware on software design for recent hardware.


The H96 mini H8 as so many cons in relation to pros that I find it difficult to recommend it for anything other than streaming movies and TV shows. The manufacturers go to be careful about what’s sprinted on the box, and am referring to 4K. This is not a 4K TV Box, in fact it’s 1080p with no HDR or Dolby vision and does difficulty play any YouTube videos in attendee quality and or. Video playback is a difficult for this box and so is 3D gaming and it has the performance benchmarks reflecting that.

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H96 Mini H8 in the box


H96 Mini H8 Hardware

CPU – Rockchip RK3228A Quad-Core 1.2Ghz
GPU – ARM Mali 400 Open GL ES 2.0
Internal Storage – 16GB
Wi-Fi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
Bluetooth 4.0

H96 Mini H8 system info

H96 Mini H8 CPU info

I/O Ports

1 HDMI 2.0
1 RJ45 100Mbps
1 AV Port
2 USB 2.0

H96 Mini H8 rear IO ports H96 Mini H8 USB ports H96 Mini H8 front LED display H96 Mini H8 base view


Antutu – 25,624
Geekbench 4 – 356 Single-Core | 695 Multicore
Ice Storm Extreme – 1.427
RAM Copy – 828 MB/s
Internal Storage – 28 MB/s read | 9 MB/s write
Wi-Fi – 100% on 40GHZ Band | 2.4GHz 20%
LAN – 65% 100 Mbps

H96 Mini H8 Antutu benchmark



Kodi/APK Streaming good
Dolby Atmos/DTS-X/HD MA/THX
Alternative launchers
1080p videos play OK
Hardware monitor overlay

H96 Mini H8 launcher H96 Mini RK3228A Suround sound audio H96 Mini H8


Outdated Hardware CPU 1.2GHz
No HDR / Dolby Vision
No 4K resolution
No Screen rotation
Low RAM and internal storage
No DRM for Netflix in HD/4K
No 4K video playback
No root access
Low benchmarks
No Vulkan support Open GL ES 2.0
32bit ABIs only
Poor Wi-Fi speeds
No GB LAN only 100Mbps
Bluetooth not connecting cannot pay any games.
No Firmware updates
YouTube streaming issues
Screen mirroring sluggish
No Navigation bar status bar

H96 Mini RK3228A pros and cons

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