🏆Best Box For The Year🏆- Ugoos AM6B-Plus Amlogic S922X-J DDR4 TV Box

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Ugoos AM6B-Plus Amlogic S922X-J Review

Hey guys today we have the new, latest, hottest, feature-rich, powerful Ugoos AM6B-Plus Amlogic S9 S922X-J TV Box clocked at 2.2 GHz. Now there are times when I get really excited about it TV Box which I don’t usually do due to the fact that there are so many models out there that has basically the same features. But today I can tell you without the fear of contradiction that the latest Ugoos AM6B-Plus is not your ordinary cheaply made TV Box. This box is a beast both on the rankings chart and in the performance and the user experience.

If you think you have seen it all and it TV Box, then I tell you think again because Ugoos has implemented some never seen it before innovative features in this box. Not to mention their also getting approval on the building of the hardware including improved heatsink cooling. There were so many additional features I couldn’t adequately cover all of them, wanted to be quite honest some of them I didn’t even know what they were for. So as I go along and get more information I will present it. So if you are in the market looking for the best TV Box to buy look no further because I’m telling you right now this model is the one.

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Working DTBs For – CoreELEC / VIM III Ubuntu gnome-focal_Linux-4.9_arm64_SD-USB_V1.0.7-210625


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Ugoos AM6B Plus in the box

Ugoos AM6B-PLUS Hardware

CPU – Amlogic Ugoos AM6B-Plus Hexa-Core 2.2GHz
GPU – ARM Mali G52
Internal Storage – 32GB eMMc
Wi-Fi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi 6
LAN – 1000M Ethernet Integrated IEEE 802.3 10/100/1000M Ethernet MAC with RGMII
Bluetooth 5.0

Ugoos AM6B Plus System Info Ugoos AM6B Plus CPU info


I/O Ports

1 HDMI 2.1 Type-A
1 RJ54 1000 Mbps
1 Optical Audio
1 USB 3.0
3 USB 2.0
1 DC
1 Micro SD
2 External antennas
1 MaskRom button
1 Reset Button

Ugoos AM6B Plus Rear IO Ports Ugoos AM6B Plus Side IO Ports Ugoos AM6B Plus External antennas Ugoos AM6B Plus Front view Ugoos AM6B Plus Top View Ugoos AM6B Plus base features

Ugoos AM6B-Plus Benchmarks

Antutu – 160,683
Geekbench 4 – 1,524 Single-Core | 4,220 Multicore
Ice Storm Extreme – MAX Out
SlingShot – 1,711
SlingShot Extreme – 1,192
RAM Copy – 5,737 MB/s
Internal Storage – 107 MB/s read | 74 MB/s write
Wi-Fi – 100% on 5GHZ Band | 2.4GHz 54%
LAN – 100% 1000 Mbps GB

Ugoos AM6B Plus Antutu benchmark


Latest Amlogic Ugoos AM6B-Plus Hexa-Core CPU 2.2GHz / Mali G52 GPU
HDR Display / Dolby Vision
4K 2160p 60Hz resolution
Android 9 pie
Navigation bar / Status bar (Plus nav bar switch)
Advanced Root Switch
Hardware monitor
Built-in screen rotation
Client server / Samba server
Built-in gamepad keymapping
Wi-Fi 6 Technology + LAN 1000Mbps
Bluetooth 5.0
Remote has multitasking button
Custom remote buttons
Custom mouse behavior settings
Alternative Launchers work / Live Wallpapers work
Advanced video playback settings
Advanced audio settings
4K HDR video playback very good
Dolby Atmos / DTS-X / HD-MA / THX / Dolby TrueHD
CoreELEC / Ubuntu works OK
LTC / DOGE XMRIG 230 hash-rate
Excellent Android gaming / keymapping
No Overheating

Ugoos AM6B Plus Launcher 1 Ugoos AM6B Plus Launcher 2 Ugoos AM6B Plus IR Remote Ugoos AM6B Plus CoreELEC Ugoos AM6B Plus Ubuntu Ugoos AM6B Plus XMRIG mining Ugoos AM6B Plus Dolby TrueHD


No DRM support for premium streaming services in HD/4K

Ugoos AM6B Plus Pros and Cons



Final Thoughts

so what else can I say the only reason why this box isn’t the best box on the face of the earth is because we cannot have it both ways. Meaning there are some who will a strong argument that it still isn’t better than the Nvidia shield. While this may be true it’s, due to the fact that those arguments are based around  a box’s ability to stream premium services in HD and 4K. The only reason why this box cannot perform that special function is due to its operating system. In order to get Netflix ESN certification your box must be fully Google certified that requires the operating system to be an generated TV OS along with Google widevine L1 with HDCP 2.2 protection. So Ugoos cannot provide both all of these features and provide the features that is designed for another operating system. For example you cannot implement a root switch on a fully Google certified TV Box. So in the end, out of all of the boxes running on the mobile version of Android this latest model is the best.


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