T95-C1 Rockchip RK3368 Octa Core Webcam TV Box Review

T95-C1  Webcam TV Box Review


There T9- C1 WebCam TV box is a great idea of a TV box gone wrong. What I mean by saying that, is that anything along the line of a streaming media device that you intend to create, you must first it sure that the core components and features satisfy the requirements of a fully functional and great performing streaming device, then you will proceed to add on bonus features. When you do with the other way around you end up with a device that focuses on the borders feature without satisfying the needs of basic streaming device. This in turn results in a poor performing TV box which will overshadow the intended selling point feature of the device. The T95 CJ falls into this category. It will be great to have the TV box with an integrated WebCam that can sit at the top of your TV play movies and TV shows on it, android games, and as a bonus feature use social media apps all from the comfort of one device. In this review I am sorry to report that the T 95 CJ missed the mark which results in poor review and a poor recommendation from me.


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T95 C1 in the box


CPU – Rockchip RK3368 8X 1.5GHz
GPU – Rouge PowerVR G6110
Internal Storage – 16GB
Wi-Fi – 2.4GHz + 5GHz
LAN – 100Mbps
Bluetooth – 4.2

T95 C1 system info

T95 C1 CPU info


☑️IO Ports

2 USB 2.0
1 RJ45 LAN
1 AV
1 Micro SD
1 DC input

T95 C1 rear views T95 C1 bottom view T95 C1 front view


Antutu – 45,380
Geekbench 4 – 532 Single Core | 1247 Multi-core
3D Mark – 3,360 Ice Storm Extreme | 212 Slingshot
RAM Copy speed – 2,932 Mbps
Internal Storage – 79Mbps read | 78Mbps write

T95 C1 Antutu benchmark


Rockchip RK3368 CPU 1.5GHz
Streaming Kodi/APKs OK
Webcam works with social media apps
Webcam design for mounting to top of TV/monitor
Webcam has wide angle

T95 C1 launcher

T95 C1 TV mount view


No Navigation bar/status bar
No root switch
No HDR/Dolby Vision/4K resolution
Actual display is 720p quality
No Alternative launchers
No Dolby/DTS audio
YouTube limited to 1080p with choppy audio.
4K video playback impossible
3D gaming is a not recommend
It overheats
No USB 3.0 port
No screen rotation
Screen casting not good
Price to high for this box

T95 C1 pros and cons


I maintain that this box is not meant for someone looking for a serious TV box for watching movies and TV shows. It has two many essential features missing and it’s performance and benchmarks are too low.


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