💀 T95Q TV Box Firmware Update Change To Poison ROM 💀

T95Q Poison ROM Firmware Update

Hi guys, I hope I didn’t scare anyone with my 🤡 April fools video and tutorial of the T95Q Amlogic S905X2 TV box Poison ROM firmware update. Many users of the T95Q TV box have expressed their dissatisfaction of the stock firmware of the box. The main complain was not about the hardware itself but about the firmware. The absence of a navigation bar and notifications bar and the inability to use key-mapping apps also posed a challenge among other things. So I contacted a developer on the XDA developers forum and ask the improve on what was already in progress. And it is finally ready. The Poison ROM is designed to work on Amlogic S905X2 boxes and should work on any of them carrying the hardware. However, I only started with this box and I am not sure how it will work on other models.


Poison ROM Update tools

Updated Poison ROM + Flash Tool – https://drive.google.com/open?id=14BGcVMpPxrVrRwvCZdfVJmohJiA91ktL

Poison ROM Developer Link – https://www.facebook.com/Poison-Firmware-1086492444874906/

XDA Thread – https://forum.xda-developers.com/android-stick–console-computers/amlogic/t95z-plus-poison-rom-t3751720

Stock T95Q Firmware – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rBG_F9zLcb1MRW6vH9uuBBXM-lA7XUZ1


Features of the Poison ROM

  • Innovative launcher UI
  • Navigation bar / notifications bar
  • Root Switch in developer options
  • Screen rotation
  • Attractive design
  • Good Benchmarks
  • Good streaming
  • Good Gaming
  • ROM is FREE

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33 thoughts on “💀 T95Q TV Box Firmware Update Change To Poison ROM 💀”

  1. Hi,

    Just in case something goes wrong with this firmware is there any way to go back to the factory firmware ? Like an factory image which can be flashed using this flashing tool ?


    • What is the name of the Firmware file? I didn’t create it! The developer of the Poison ROM gave it to me and said to test it for him, it is for the Amlogic S905X2 chipset.

      • OK so it is a custom variation of the original ROM being discussed in the thread. I want to try it on the T95X2 which I believe is also made by Sunvell and has the same hardware configuration as the T95Q. Do you know where the reset button is for the T95X2? Thanks for your great work!

  2. I cannot find a USB A to USB A OTG cable anywhere. Do you have a link to where I can get one? All I can find are adapters that go to micro USB. Thanks!

  3. I’ve been looking everywhere for a usb type a to usb type a male to male cable as you use in the video but cannot find one. My regular male to male usb did not work. Do you have a link to where I can purchase one? Thanks.

  4. I have just installed your ROM onto my H96 max x2, it installed without any problem, but the LAN and wifi do not work other than that it appears to work really well.
    If these can be fixed then you would have a Poison H96 max X2 custom ROM as well, is that something that can be done easily ? as it looks much better then the stock UI IMO.


    • Yes you can, you have to use the burn card maker tool to create a bootable card and then insert into box and hold the reset button while powering on.

      • Have a T95Q on the way. What is the latest version of Poison? Are all /most issues resolved for 905×2? Trying to have everything ready for the install. Any pointers? Thanks

        • The only version I have is the one listed on this page and in the video description. There have been no further developments by the developer.

  5. Others have mentioned various issues; LAN, WiFi… were these ever resolved? Would hate to flash only to discover stability issues…

  6. Hi, I installed xposed installer, and my device stays in the logo, I followed your steps but my pc does nothing when I connect the tv box, what can I do?

    • that happened to me once on another box and I never got that box to start again. The PC just does not recognize the box anymore after that. Sorry bro but you experimented a little too much, now it’s dead in the water.
      Only the manufacturer can revive it. They don’t design these boxes root system to be interfered with too much, that much I know. You can do that on development boards but some TV boxes just can’t take it.

  7. Hi.
    I installed poison ROM for T95Q (OTT TV Box) very easy as you described.
    Remote control not working correctly.
    Power on/off not working, Vol up/down not working. not working at all.
    LED blinking is not controllable.
    Also my big problem is: How to turn off the box? it always on.

  8. How can I get the Poison ROM& Flash tool I have clicked on the link and page not found. My T95Q went out and I want to put this on it.


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