TX5 Pro Amlogic S905X TV Box REVIEW


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TX5 Pro Android S905X TV Box
Here we have another Android TV Box the TX5 Pro Amlogic S905X. You know I cannot understand what’s the point in investing so much money into manufacturing these TV boxes with latest hardware and software, and then they mess up the user experience by tweaking the firmware or Android installation, debarring you from installing and uninstalling what ever app you like! These boxes cannot be for only Kodi come on! Android offers so much more. I for one use my TV box for all sorts of things, I love doing it on the big screen. Well if all you guys want to do is use Kodi and nothing else, well go right ahead and buy this box, if you like different apps and games like I do don’t buy unless you can jailbreak the box and reprogram it yourself lol!!!.

OK so the TX5 Pro got 1 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 SD card slot, Optical audio, AV port, and LAN port. Its got 2GB RAM, and 16GB of internal storage, with a penta core Mali 450 GPU.  It runs the new Amlogic S905X CPU the only Amlogic CPU used in TV boxes at this time to run Android 6.0.

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