Beelink GKmini Win 11 updated Intel J4125 Mini PC Review

Beelink GK Mini Windows 10/11 Update Review


So the world on Windows just got a whole lot more exciting with the release of Windows 11, and the Beelink GK Mini is one of those newest mini PCs that has passed the Windows compatibility test to upgrade to Windows 11. Not only that this new model offers some of the best features that affords you the flexibility to perform numerous applications on Windows and on alternative operating systems with its SATA expandable storage.

After reviewing this model I must say I am quite pleased with its performance and that I was able to install two alternative operating systems which perform the quite well on its hardware. There are actually a couple operating systems you can install on the system being Android x86, FydeOS, Linux, and Ubuntu just to name a few. Once updated the Android 11 there were no issues with compatibility and the transition was quick and easy. Only that it doesn’t initiate automatically you have to go to the Microsoft page and perform the update.

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Beelink GK mini in the box

Beelink GK Mini hardware

Fast Running Speed Beelink Mini PC GK mini is equipped with Windows 10 Pro Intel Gemini Lake Refresh J4125 Quad-Core processor 4M Cache.(up to 2.7)GHz With 8GB LPDDR4 256GB SSD. Meets your daily life needs, work, streaming video, web browsing and so on.”

Beelink GK mini rear IO ports Beelink GK mini front IO ports


Dual Display

Dual Display & Great Home Theater PC. The mini desktop computer, which dual HDMI 1.4 ports can easily connect two displays, simplifying and doubling work efficiency. The mini desktop computer comes with 4K ultra HD, giving you a best-in-class television experience with true-to-life picture quality.

Beelink GK mini dual monitor display



Strong Wireless Technology Support. The micro pc, its wireless connectivity with 802.11 b/g/n/ac dual band 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual band Wi-Fi, 1000M LAN and Bluetooth4.0. Multi WiFi channel selection, let you always steps ahead.

Beelink GK mini top view


Unique Design and storage features

Unique Design. This mini pc uses silent fan and heat conduction to dissipate heat. The combination perfectly keeps mini pc running quietly while making noise levels down. The ultra-thin body saves space whether it is placed on the desktop or hung behind the display.

Beelink GK mini SATA expandable storage Beelink GK mini expandable storage


Reliable Service

Reliable Lifetime Service. Beelink offer lifetime technical support, 1 year free warranty, and24/7 services. All of our products obtained FCC, CE, RoHS certifications. If you have any problems, feel free to contact Beelink customer service.

Beelink GK mini bottom panel

Final Thoughts

In summary I really like this mini PC and the fact that it can upgraded to Windows 11. I really enjoyed installing alternative operating system is on it and converting it into an Android TV Box or emulation station.


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