We2USAT K3 Pro TV Box (2024) – 1000s of channels on Mars?

The We2USAT K3 Pro Live TV Android Box: Why so expensive and what you get

Today I am thrilled to dive into a brand-new TV Box on the market called the We2USAT K3 Pro. We2USAT is an online store making its grand entrance with its inaugural Android box, the K3 Pro Live TV model. Join me as I unravel the features, pros, and cons of this latest addition to the live TV model lineup.

We2USAT K3 Pro in the box

We2USAT K3 Pro LED display

We2USAT K3 Pro Bluetooth voice remote


Unboxing the We2USAT K3 Pro

Upon unboxing, the We2USAT K3 Pro reveals a familiar set of contents:

  • The K3 Pro model itself.
  • A Bluetooth voice remote.
  • An HDMI cable.
  • A 5V 2A DC power adapter.
  • A user manual.

The design mirrors competing models with a plastic body showcasing the We2USAT branding on top. It boasts various I/O ports, including HDMI 2.0, gigabit LAN, optical audio, AV port, and more. The box’s base features anti-skid rubber feet, wall-mounting cutouts, and ventilation holes.

We2USAT K3 Pro top view

We2USAT K3 Pro rear IO ports

We2USAT K3 Pro side USB ports We2USAT K3 Pro base features



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The First Startup Process

Initiating the K3 Pro kicks off with a We2USAT animation, followed by Bluetooth remote pairing, a startup wizard, and finally, the ATV launcher. This launcher, available on the Android TV Play Store, boasts a user-friendly tile icon layout, weather widget, and date and time widget.

Before updating, no streaming apps are available. However, a firmware update unlocks the Mars live, VOD, and anime apps. A caveat – these apps provide content from unofficial sources, making their installation optional and at the user’s risk.

We2USAT K3 Pro launcher

We2USAT K3 Pro virus and malware scan

Exploring the Mars Streaming Service

The Mars live TV app, one of the optional installs, offers a staggering 1503 channels across various categories. These include major TV networks, movie networks, news, sports, regional channels, and more. Mars VOD provides an extensive library of movies and TV series. Additionally, a dedicated anime app caters to anime enthusiasts.

We2USAT K3 Pro Mars LIve TV app

We2USAT K3 Pro Mars VOD app

We2USAT K3 Pro Mars Anime

We2USAT K3 Pro System and Hardware Info

Delving into the technical aspects, the We2USAT K3 Pro runs on Android 10 with a firmware build using Android TV OS. It supports up to 4K resolution, HDR display, and YUV422 10-bit color depth. The system includes Google Assistant, but it lacks Vulkan support for the GPU.

The box’s mainboard is powered by the Allwinner H616 quad-core processor with 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Connectivity options feature dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and a variety of I/O ports.

We2USAT K3 Pro system info

We2USAT K3 Pro CPU info

Streaming and Multimedia Performance

For streaming services requiring DRM protection, the K3 Pro boasts Google Widevine level one and HDCP 2.2 HDMI protection. However, Netflix in HD and 4K is not supported without a modified APK version.

YouTube video quality is capped at 1440p without HDR, and attempts to increase it result in app crashes. Screen mirroring faces issues with the Miracast receiver app, and 4K video playback is limited to HDR10 formats.

We2USAT K3 Pro DRM information

We2USAT K3 Pro MOD Netflix in HDR

We2USAT K3 Pro HDR10 display

Audio and Gaming Experience

Unfortunately, the K3 Pro lacks surround sound audio decoders, hindering audio output during testing. Gaming performance is constrained by the absence of Vulkan support, making it suitable only for less demanding games.

We2USAT K3 Pro surround sound audio limitation

We2USAT K3 Pro gaming quality

Benchmarking and Ranking

Benchmark results shed light on the K3 Pro’s capabilities. The box scores 71,508 in the Antutu benchmark and ranks 95th on the performance chart. While Wi-Fi and LAN performance is commendable, CPU and GPU performance falls short for more intensive tasks.

We2USAT K3 Pro Antutu benchmark

We2USAT K3 Pro pros and cons

Exclusive Coupon Codes and Conclusion

To address pricing concerns, We2USAT offers exclusive coupon codes, providing discounts to early purchasers. While the Mars streaming service impresses with quality content, the choice of Allwinner chipset and missing decoders for 4K video playback and surround sound audio mars the overall experience.

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In conclusion, We2USAT’s K3 Pro offers a mix of impressive streaming capabilities and hardware limitations. As an emerging player, refining their technology choices could elevate their future offerings.

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