vSeeBox V3 Pro TV Box – Live TV Channels Live You’ve never seen before

vSeebox V3 Pro Live TV Box Review

I’m thrilled to bring you yet another exciting review of an Android TV box. Today’s spotlight is on the latest release from VSeeBox called the vSeeBox V3 Pro. In this review I delve into its live TV capabilities, explore the upgraded Amlogic hardware, dissect its firmware features, and put its media playback and gaming performance to the test. Stick around, and I’ll even run some performance benchmarks to give you a detailed overview.

vSeeBox V3 Pro LED display

Unboxing the vSeeBox V3 Pro

Upon unboxing the V3 Pro, VSeeBox doesn’t disappoint. Alongside the sleek model, you receive a Bluetooth voice remote, a lengthy HDMI cable, a 5V 2A DC power supply, and a user manual—everything you need for a seamless setup.

vSeeBox V3 Pro in the box

Design and Ports

The V3 Pro boasts a refreshing plastic housing design, breaking away from the monotony of reused designs in the market. Turning to its I/O, you’ll find a versatile array, including HDMI 2.1, non-gigabit Ethernet LAN, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, microSD card reader, AV port, and DC input socket. The front features an LCD display, while the base sports four rubber feet without ventilation holes.

vSeeBox V3 Pro IO ports

vSeeBox V3 Pro top view

vSeeBox V3 Pro bottom view

vSeeBox V3 Pro Bluetooth remote

The First Bootup

After the initial bootup and Bluetooth remote pairing, you’re greeted with a user-friendly startup wizard, setting the tone for a hassle-free user experience.

vSeeBox V3 Pro startup wizard

VSeeBox Launcher and Android TV OS

The V3 Pro runs on Android 11 TV OS, and its launcher, devoid of a navigation or status bar, offers a clean interface. While lacking a designated apps section, the top row conveniently lists all installed apps. You can customize the arrangement for easy access. The middle row showcases recommended apps, and the bottom row houses essential settings.

vSeeBox V3 Pro launcher

Live TV and Video-on-Demand Apps

Downloading and installing the signature apps reveal a treasure trove of content. The Heat Live app alone provides 2031 channels, Heat Backup offers 2599 channels for playback within the last seven days, Heat VOD boasts 41,135 on-demand movies, and Heat Ultra delivers 16,000+ HD movies from top streaming services. Having used VSeeBox’s X2 Pro model extensively, I vouch for the reliable service with minimal disruptions.


vSeeBox V3 Pro Heat VOD

Firmware Features

Moving on to firmware features, the V3 Pro impresses with a 4K 2160p@59.94 Hz display resolution, HDR display with adaptive HDR feature, 12-bit color space, HDMI CEC, power button options, custom app shortcuts, surround sound audio control, and Google Assistant integration.

vSeeBox V3 Pro firmware update

vSeeBox V3 Pro 4K display

vSeeBox V3 Pro 4K Adaptive HDR

vSeeBox V3 Pro System and Hardware Specifications

Powered by the Amlogic S905Y4 processor and equipped with 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64GB internal storage, and Bluetooth 5.0, the V3 Pro doesn’t compromise on performance. Its CPU and GPU, the Mali G31, ensure smooth operation. With Android 11 TV OS, Vulkan GPU support, and various video decoders, it covers a broad spectrum of multimedia needs.

vSeeBox V3 Pro system info

vSeeBox V3 Pro CPU info

Digital Rights Management and Screen Mirroring

A firmware update during the review adds to the positive user support experience. Widevine level one with HDCP 2.3 protection ensures high-quality streaming. The V3 Pro supports mobile screen mirroring via Miracast and Google Assistant. However, the Airscreen app came in handy for reliable functionality.

vSeeBox V3 Pro DRM info

vSeeBox V3 Pro MOD HDR version of neflix

4K HDR AV1 Video Playback and Surround Audio

The V3 Pro shines in 4K HDR AV1 video playback, handling various formats seamlessly. Surround audio support includes Dolby Atmos EAC3 and DTS HD, providing an immersive audio experience.

vSeeBox V3 Pro 4K HDR10 video playback

vSeeBox V3 Pro 4K HLG

vSeeBox V3 Pro 4K Dolby Vision video

vSeeBox V3 Pro Dolby Atmos vSeeBox V3 Pro DTS audio

vSeebox V3 Pro Gaming Performance

Gaming on the V3 Pro falls within the average spectrum, delivering a decent experience on medium to high graphics settings.

vSeeBox V3 Pro 4K 3D gaming

CoreELEC Compatibility

For CoreELEC enthusiasts, the V3 Pro supports installation using the Arch 64 version in their NE directory, paired with the S905W2 4GB DTB.

vSeeBox V3 Pro CoreELEC

vSeeBox V3 Pro Benchmark Results

Performance benchmarks reveal impressive RAM and internal storage speeds. Wi-Fi and LAN speeds showcase the capabilities of its dual-band connectivity. The CPU and GPU benchmarks provide insights into its processing power, and the Antutu benchmark places it at position 44 on the ranking chart.

vSeeBox V3 Pro Antutu Benchmark

vSeeBox V3 Pro pros and cons


In summary, VSeeBox’s commitment to delivering top-notch live TV experiences is evident in the V3 Pro. The hardware upgrade to Amlogic enhances performance and reduces buffering, making it one of the most affordable options in its category. I confidently recommend the V3 Pro for its robust live streaming capabilities.

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