2024 Ugoos AM8 Pro vs 2023 Ugoos AM8 TV Box

Ugoos AM8 Pro vs AM8 Comparison

Hey everyone, it’s Nick, and I’m thrilled to bring you another exciting TV box review. Today, we’ll delve into the Ugoos AM8 Pro, the upgraded version of their popular AM8 model. Having experienced the stellar performance of the original AM8 with its hexa-core Amlogic S928X CPU, I’m eager to see how the Pro variant measures up with its impressive 8GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage on the same high-performance hexa-core CPU.

Ugoos AM8 Pro vs AM8


UGOOS AM8 in the box


Unboxing and Design

As we unbox the AM8 Pro, the contents remain consistent with its predecessor – the box, Bluetooth voice remote, HDMI cable, power supply, dual antennas, and a user manual. The design and I/O ports mirror the AM8, featuring HDMI 2.1, gigabit LAN, optical audio, USB C OTG, USB C power delivery, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and a microSD slot. The aluminum body, reset, and maskrom buttons showcase Ugoos’ commitment to quality.


UGOOS AM8 USB and micro SD

UGOOS AM8 front IR

UGOOS AM8 bottom panel

UGOOS AM8 heatsink


Ugoos AM8 Pro Software and Features

Upon startup, the familiar Ugoos launchers greet us, and I opt for Launcher 3, offering a mobile phone-like experience. The AM8 Pro runs on Android 11, already updated to firmware version 1.3.3. Existing AM8 owners can rejoice as this update is also available for their model. The Pro model boasts an extensive list of firmware features, setting it apart in the industry.

UGOOS AM8 Dolby Vision and HDR settings

Innovative Firmware Features

In the Ugoos AM8 Pro model, Ugoos introduces the ‘color’ section, showcasing their latest Dolby Vision display feature. Under HDR policy, users can choose between Dolby Vision, HDR Display, adaptive HDR, or standard display. The ‘color mode’ offers YCbCR422 12bit, and a new ‘frame buffer size’ feature sharpens the UI while maintaining 4K resolution.

Vertical display enthusiasts will appreciate the orientation features allowing portrait mode, reverse portrait, and reverse landscape. The option to force orientation adds convenience, preventing apps from opening in undesirable modes. Font size and density adjustments from Android core settings are now seamlessly integrated into the Ugoos interface.

Auto framerate switching ensures synchronization between audio and video during streaming, and the Pro model provides options for HDMI and optical audio, as well as surround sound audio configurations. The inclusion of HDMI CEC options, button manager, and mouse pointer features enhances the overall user experience.

UGOOS AM8 launchers

USB Functionality

A groundbreaking addition is the USB section, allowing users to control USB port speed, enable sleep mode, and, for the first time in the industry, facilitate USB file transfer when connected to a PC or laptop – a feature akin to mobile phones.

UGOOS AM8 USB and micro SD

Interface Customization

Under panels and interface settings, users can toggle the navigation bar and status bar, adjust the volume bar’s position and color, and modify the recent app feature’s layout. The built-in hardware monitor receives updates, including HDMI audio mode and HDMI color mode. Users can choose from preloaded or externally installed launchers, customize voice input applications, and adjust UI animation speed.

UGOOS AM8 Bluetooth air mouse

Power and Storage Options

The power settings now include LED behavior control, power key definitions, sleep timer features, and the option to maximize CPU scale governor for peak performance. Storage features encompass client and Samba server settings for versatile networking options.

UGOOS AM8 top view

Exhaustive Features

With 54 language options, access to default core Android settings, and a root switch via the Magix application, the AM8 Pro offers an exhaustive range of features.

UGOOS AM8 root access

Ugoos AM8 Pro Hardware and Performance

The Ugoos AM8 Pro model stands out with 8GB of DDR4 RAM and 64GB of internal storage, a significant upgrade from the AM8’s 4GB RAM and 32GB storage. The CPU, an Amlogic S928X-J 12 nm HZA aluminum-coated processor, boasts a penta-core configuration with a quad-core cortex A55 and a single-core cortex A76. The ARM Mali G57 7nm dual-core graphics processor ensures optimal gaming with Vulkan 1.1 and Open GL ES version 3.2 support.

UGOOS AM8 system info


Temperature Monitoring and Audio/Video Decoders

The extensive heatsink maintains a cool temperature even during demanding tasks. Audio and video decoders support H.264, HEVC, AV1, Dolby Vision, EAC3, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Plus, TrueHD, and Dolby Surround. The Pro model promises enhanced hardware performance owing to its increased RAM and internal storage.

UGOOS AM8 fps and temperature

Ugoos AM8 Pro Performance Benchmarks

Comparing the Pro model with the original AM8 through performance benchmarks reveals nuanced differences. While the Pro model demonstrates slightly faster RAM transfer speeds, the AM8 exhibits faster internal storage read and write speeds. Wi-Fi and Ethernet LAN speeds remain comparable, with a slight advantage in the 2.4 GHz band for the Pro model.

UGOOS AM8 Antutu Benchmark


CPU and GPU Performance

Surprisingly, the CPU’s single-core and multicore performance between the two models remains similar. However, the Pro model outshines in gaming performance, handling the wildlife test effortlessly compared to the AM8’s memory constraints. The comprehensive Antutu benchmark showcases the Pro model’s superiority with a higher score and enhanced memory performance.

UGOOS AM8 Pros and Cons

Chart Ranking and Conclusion

On my performance chart, the AM8 Pro secures position number 4, one place higher than its predecessor. It’s evident that Ugoos has invested significant research and development into this new model, offering unparalleled features in the market.

In conclusion, the Ugoos AM8 Pro retains the premium entertainment features of its predecessor while elevating hardware performance. The only missed opportunity seems to be the absence of a 64-bit architecture despite the ample 8GB of RAM. Nevertheless, if you’re in the market for a high-performance Android box with unique firmware features and regular updates, the AM8 Pro stands out.

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