KinHank Super Console S2 Review

KinHank Super Console S2 Review

The Super Console S2 by KinHank is getting a stick used as the retro gaming console delivering 12,000+ retro games on 9 emulators. Unlike other retro consoles, this one is minimalistic and does not run on Emuelec but Qin-GBC64. It’s a budget model priced tbelow $40 it focuses on the most popular games without useless and games that don’t load.

So the console is called the Game Stick Lite, and It has a protective cover for its HDMI port when not in use. It comes with a microSD card with the retro gaming system inserted. They also placed a tape over it, so I guess they don’t want you removing the SD card. It has a cooling vent, a micro USB power delivery port, and a USB 2.0 port.


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Super Console S2 in the box


Super Console S2 Gamepad Paring

So both gamepads are controlled using a single dongle, and it’s an automated pairing process. Without plugging in the dongle, insert batteries into each gamepad and their LED indicators will begin flashing red. If they are not, simply press the select button and they will begin flashing. Then simply plug in the USB dongle and they will automatically pair to it. Player one is indicated by the orange LED staying solid, and player number 2 is indicated by the red LED staying solid.


Super Console S2 paring


Super Console S2 Launcher

When you start up you would notice that it starts differently from other retro gaming consoles where you have a simple loading screen followed by the main menu. It’s a very minimalistic easy-to-use interface with very few system configurations in the settings area. You navigate its menu using the left and right shoulder buttons on the gamepad to switch between tabs, and its direction pad and ABXY buttons to browse or search for your favorite game titles. As mentioned, this budget model comes with only 9 emulators including MAME, Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Mega Drive SAGA, Super Famicom, PS1, and Atari.


Super Console S2 Emulators


Super Console S2 Gameplay

The max display of this console is 720p, and there are no settings to adjust its resolution. You can search for games by browsing in alphabetical order in each emulator, or you can navigate to the find tab and enter your search term. However, I discovered that search terms are case-sensitive so you need to begin your search term with it an uppercase letter, or else it will yield no results. Also, there is no space bar function on the virtual keyboard, or on the gamepad that you can enter.

Super Console S2 gameplay

To exit, save, or load any game, simply open the game and press the start and the select button once and select from the pop-up menu. Here I’ve loaded a saved game Aliens III. And to exit simply press the start and select button and choose quit game.


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