New 2021 T6 Pro Windows 10 PC Stick Review – FydeOS TryOut

T6 Pro Mini PC Stick Review

Today is another first on my channel and blog with the release of the T6 Pro, the first Mini PC stick that I have seen to include an internal cooling fan. No anytime I see a include a cooling fan to me is a good indicator that the device intends to generate more heat than usual, and that usually stems from high performance derived from a CPU or GPU. In this review the T6 Pro does just that and I got some good benchmarks both as a Windows desktop, and in my dual-boot experiment to FydeOS see the results below.


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T6 Pro Mini PC Stick in the box

T6 Pro Hardware

CPU – Intel Gemini Lake J4125 2.0GHz base, 2.7GHz boost
GPU – Intel UHD Graphics 600 GPU
Storage – 128GB
Wi-Fi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
LAN – 1000Mbps GB RJ45
Bluetooth – 4.1
I/O Ports – 2X USB 3.0 / GB LAN / Internal cooling Fan
OS – Windows 10 Pro

T6 Pro Mini PC Stick IO ports T6 Pro Mini PC Stick LAN port


PC Mark 10 – 1,639
Geekbench5 – 451 single-core | 1496 Multicore
Ice Storm Extreme – 15,161
Cloud Gate – 3,224
Time Spy – 143
RAM Copy Speed – 7,797
System Disk – 253 Read | 267 Write

T6 Pro Mini PC Stick PC Mark 10 benchmark

T6 Pro FydeOS Tryout

In this fight OS experiment I use a USB hub to expand the number of USB ports that allowed me to use the installation flash drive, or to install FydeOS on a USB external hard drive connected to the PC stick. Everything was successful for the most part until I got the error that Open Gapps currently installed on a USB drive connected to the PC stick. It can only be installed on a dedicated internal storage or SATA expandable storage. Other than that everything else works perfectly. And before I forget you do not get Wi-Fi connectivity in FydeOS or android x86 you only get LAN connection. Bluetooth works okay.

T6 Pro Mini PC Stick FydeOS Experiment


Pros and cons

T6 Pro Mini PC Stick Pros and cons

Final Thoughts

The T6 Pro PC stick I must say I’m impressed with the power and performance this PC stick delivers. I especially like that they have included an internal cooling fan to control overheating as we have seen in similar models.

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