XGODY H10 Plus TV Box Review

XGODY H10 Plus TV Box Review

It appears that every retail store these days are into their own brand of TV boxes, and one such brand is XGODY. They have a few models and one of them is the XGODY H10 Plus. The H10 Plus is there budget option that provides a simple solution to streaming movies and TV shows, and at the same time delivering some additional features keeping with the modern trend. You shouldn’t expect much from this box as it was built on the Allwinner chipset, which fits into the low-end category of hardware.

In my evaluation of this box I was happy to see that unlike other Allwinner models they made an effort to include some essential features that TV Box enthusiast look forward to. However with the best intentions you can only do so much on the Allwinner chipset, as it’s CPU is usually challenged with overheating preventing the manufacturer from utilizing its maximum CPU clock speeds.

One interesting feature of this box is the new hybrid firmware, where its base operating system is Android TV OS. In this case it’s Android 10 TV OS and they have forked in features from the mobile version such as its launcher.

XGOGY H10 Plus TV Boxhttps://xgody.com/collections/tv-box-home-theater/products/xgody-h10plus-android-10-0-quad-core-smart-tv-box-dual-wifi-keyboard-media-player?ref=qfdx-rnthgu


Price comparison pagehttps://wp.me/P7Izmk-2ro

XGODY H10 Plus package contents

XGODY H10 Plus hardware

The XGODY H10 Plus runs on an Allwinner H616 quad core CPU, with a CPU clock speed of 1.3 GHz. For GPU support it’s powered by the Mali G31 with open GL ES version 3.2 support. It has a 4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. It’s network adapter delivers dual band 2.4 GHz +5 GHz Wi-Fi, and it’s Bluetooth version is 4.1. 


I/O ports and body design

For connecting peripherals, it has one HDMI 2.0 port, one RJ45 100 Mbps Ethernet LAN port, to USB 2.0 ports, one AV port, one optical audio port, and a microSD card slot. Its body is made entirely of plastic with the XGODY branding and artwork to the top of a glossy surface, to the front it has an LED display, and below it has a four antiskid rubber pads and ventilation holes.

Performance benchmarks

For RAM and internal storage, it has a ram copy speed of 2468 MB/s.
Its internal storage has a read speed of 154 MB/s and a write speed of 85. It’s a budget model so its ram copy speed reflects that, however its internal storage read and write speeds are higher than expected.

When I tested the speed of its Wi-Fi bands and the Ethernet LAN port, the results showed that on the 5GHz band, based on my network of 250 Mbps, it achieved maximum speed. The 2.4 GHz band achieved 20%, and the Ethernet LAN port achieved 37%.

So from these results for the best Wi-Fi speeds if your network is above 100 Mbps it’s better to use the 5GHz band. If your network it 60 and below then the 2.4GHz band and the LAN port will be sufficient. If all you have is a LAN connection and your speed is above 100 Mbps, on the LAN port which is not a gigabit LAN port you will be limited.

When I tested the Allwinner H616 with the Geekbench 4 CPU benchmark app it delivered a score of 532 single-core, and 1387 multi-core. These scores are lower than your average, but that is expected seeing that they clocked the CPU at 1.3 GHz. Well in its GPU graphics benchmark we already saw that it does not have Vulkan support, so it’s already expected that the performance will not be great. It scored 4163 in the ice storm extreme test, and 404 in the slingshot test.

And in my final benchmark which is the Antutu benchmark that I use to place boxes on my ranking chart, it scored 50,705. And the score was severely affected by the absence of Vulkan support for its GPU. So with these scores it placed at position 78 on my ranking chart with a two star rating. This rating wasn’t based on its hardware performance but more on its missing firmware features such as navigation bar, Dolby vision, and certain surround sound formats.

XGODY H10 Plus Antutu benchmark

XGODY H10 Plus Pro Features

  • Android 10 hybrid firmware/Android TV OS base Operating system
  • Root switch
  • 4K 2160p display at 60hz with auto HDR
  • Built-in screen rotation to portrait mode
  • HDMI CEC options
  • Power key definition options
  • Streaming video recording and APKs
  • YouTube in 4K 2160p quality
  • 4K HDR video playback mostly OK
  • Dolby Atmos and basic DTS surround sound audio.
  • Alternative launchers work
  • Custom wallpapers on the default launcher and on Alternative launchers
  • Max speed on 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth works
  • Gamepad Keymapping work(turn on root switch)
  • Low price



  • No DRM for Netflix in HD/4K
  • No Dolby vision display
  • Low CPU clock speed at 1.3 GHz
  • Screen mirroring does not work
  • Certain 4K videos had issues
  • Auto HDR not triggering during playback
  • Certain surround sound formats don’t work such as DTS X, DTS master audio, Dolby surround, and Dolby TrueHD
  • Live wallpapers don’t work
  • Poor 3D gaming performance
  • Over heating issues
  • Low benchmarks

XGODY H10 Plus Pros and cons

Final thoughts

For me this would not be my first choice if I’m looking for a high performance TV Box with gaming performance. The Allwinner chipset falls within the budget category and it’s recommended that you only use it for streaming movies and TV shows. 

On the XGODY H10 Plus I don’t advise that you attempt any gaming on it because it does not have Vulkan support and it overheats above 90°C when you engage in intensive graphics rendering activities.

One nice thing about it is that it has root switch that gives you access to gamepad keymapping apps that require it. For now I don’t see the purpose of the hybrid firmware if it cannot grant Google Widevine L1 with HDCP two point protection.

To me it just makes it difficult to install apps from the Android TV version of the play store, with you having to sideload lots of APKs. Now if you had Widevine available one with HDCP 2.2 protection you will then have access to premium movie services such as Netflix that you can get in HD if you use a modified version of APK.

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  1. Hey, thanks for all the reviews. Wanted to ask if you know whether it’s possible on any of these Amlogic boxes to use Kodi to view video through HDMI and at the same time hear audio via the AV port, which can then be fed to an equalizer and stereo amp? Many thanks.

    • And never seen the option to separate the HDMI audio and send it to the AV port. There are usually no options to switch audio only video.


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