Mecool KD3 4K TV Stick Netflix ESN Ready

Mecool KD3 TV Review

Mecool has released another amazing model and this time it’s the Mecool KD3 TV stick. This model unlike some of their other models has what it takes to stream premium movie services such as Netflix Disney+ and Amazon prime video in HD and 4K. This model has the Netflix ESN certification along with the Google certification combination that have been missing in some of their other models.

Not only Play a big services, but it can also do so in HD quality and with surround sound audio output such as Dolby Atmos, Dolby surround, and DTS audio. It’s running on the new Google TV 11 operating system, and it’s not rooted with Google Widevine level 1 and HDCP 2.3 protection to protect the services from piracy. Its hardware delivers adequate power with its CPU which is the Amlogic S905Y4 clocked at 2.0 GHz.

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Mecool KD3 package content

Mecool KD3 TV stick hardware

as much as its features appear to be great, it’s somewhat limited in its RAM and internal storage with only 2GB of DDR4 RAM and 8GB of eMMc internal storage sort of restrict what you can install and run simultaneously and the stick. You do however have the option to use a micro USB hub and convert a flash drive or SD card to shared internal storage. Just ensure that the SD card or flash drive is a fast one to allow proper processing.

Its CPU is the Amlogic S905Y4 which is a quad-core cortex A35 CPU and it’s clocked at 2.0 GHz. It has dual band 2.4 GHz + 5GHz Wi-Fi with the Bluetooth 5.0. There is no ethernet LAN port but you can achieve ethernet LAN using a micro USB hub connected to its charging port.

For input output peripherals this TV stick only has a micro USB data once charging port, and an HDMI male connector.

Mecool KD3 system info

Mecool KD3 CPU info

Mecool KD3 Top View Mecool KD3 Mico USB

Performance benchmarks – (See Rank Chart Here)

  • Antutu – 71,931
  • Geekbench 4 – Single core 670 | Multi-core 1,669
  • RAM Copy Speed – 3,617
  • Internal Storage Speed – Read 40 MB/s | Write 19 MB/s
  • Wi-Fi Speed – 5GHz 100% | 2.4GHz 32%
  • LAN Speed Via HUB – 32%
  • Ice Storm Extreme – 5,868
  • Sling Shot Extreme – 366

Mecool KD3 Antutu benchmark

Mecool KD3 Pro Features

What stands out in this model is obviously its ability to play premium movie services in HD and 4K such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon prime video, HBO Max, sling TV and many others. At the same time it can also play alternative streaming services from Kodi and streaming APK without issues. You have got the official Android TV 11 with the Google TV launcher and it has all the required certification making it an official Google streaming device.

Its got a great performance benchmarks despite its limited RAM and internal storage and it even plays Android games surprisingly well. Its got AV1 decoders and digital surround sound audio decoders, this means it can play 4K HDR videos with AV1 format, and produce surround sound audio output when connected to your surround sound system.

Mecool KD3 Google TV launcher Mecool KD3 Bluetooth remote GEEKOM Mini IT8 Mini PC surround sound


Well for its cons I would have liked for its temperature sensor to be enabled to get a reading as to how it handles heat. Well as mentioned this grant limited RAM and internal storage, and even though you have full access to the Android TV version of the play store, you have to sideload the most of your apps and games that you enjoyed on the mobile version. It does not have an ethernet LAN port causing you to use a micro USB hub, and it’s missing some of the DTS surround sound formats such as a DTS X, and DTS HD-MA. From the Dolby side it doesn’t have Dolby TrueHD nor doesn’t have Dolby vision.

Mecool KD3 pros and cons


Final thoughts

I am very pleased with the performance of this TV stick and it can be directly compared to Amazon’s model which I believe it will outperform. As for its firmware features I am proud that they have given enthusiast what they wanted and that is Netflix certification to play their movies in HD and 4K. There are some who would not like this TV stick as it does not afford the flexibility and open-source you enjoy on the mobile version of Android with root access.

So I’m recommending This TV stick if it suits your premium streaming services needs, and at the same time it’s got some great hardware performance to place him Android games. But I advise to not use this TV stick as a dedicated Android a gaming device due to its lack of ventilation.

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