Magabox MG4 Live TV VOD Android TV Box Review

Magabox MG4 Live TV VOD Android TV Box Review

The Magabox MG4 is a live streaming box from the brand Magabox. It runs on the Allwinner chipset and has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. According to the brand, this model streams faster and more efficiently than other live streaming models, and it is also cheaper than other models.

The box comes with three streaming apps: Maga Live, Maga VOD, and Maga Replay. The Maga Live app offers over 2000+ channels from all regions of the globe, including news, sporting events, network channels, 24/7 channels, pay-per-view channels, major sporting network channels, Caribbean channels, and more. It allows you to save your favorite channels and provides a full EPG guide.

The Maga VOD app gives you access to over 50,000 movies at no additional cost. It has an easy-to-use interface that automatically selects the best source to stream from, ensuring the best quality and speed.

The Maga Replay app allows you to select any channel or movie and add it to a replay list, so you can watch it later without missing anything. This service requires no monthly subscription, receives regular updates, and is optional to install on the box.

Overall, the Magabox MG4 offers a range of streaming options and claims to be faster and more efficient than other models in its price range.


Magabox MG4 Top

Magabox MG4 in the box


MagaBox MG4 Hardware Specs

The device runs on Android 10 TV OS and is not rooted, meaning the firmware is not modified. Its CPU is the Allwinner H616, a quad-core cortex A53 clocked at 1.5 GHz, operating in 32-bit mode. The GPU is the Mali G31 with Open GL ES 3.2 support. It has dual band Wi-Fi and a Wi-Fi 6 adapter for faster wireless connectivity. The GPU also supports Vulkan API version 1.1. The idle operating temperature of the device is 60°C. It has built-in decoders for playback of 4K HDR HLG self-hosted videos. However, it lacks decoders for Dolby Vision, AV1, Dolby Atmos EAC3, and DTS HD surround sound audio.

Magabox MG4 Dolby CPU Info

MagaBox MG4 I/O Ports

In terms of design, the MG4 has an entire body made of aluminum, giving it a sleek and premium look. The edges are polished, and it features the MagaBox branding on the top surface.

For input and output peripherals, the device offers various ports. These include one HDMI 2.0 port for connecting to a display, one RJ-45 non-gigabit LAN port for wired internet connectivity, one optical audio port for audio output, one EV port, an IR extender port, a DC power socket for connecting the power adapter, and a pair of Wi-Fi 6 antennas for wireless connectivity.

On the left side of the device, there is one USB 2.0 port and one USB 3.0 port for connecting external devices. It also has a microSD card reader for expanding storage and a reset button for troubleshooting purposes.

At the front, there is an LED display that provides relevant information, and an LED power light indicates the device’s power status.

The base of the device is equipped with four antiskid rubber feet to ensure stability and prevent slipping. Notably, there are no ventilation holes, so overheating may be an issue.


Magabox MG4 Top rear IO ports

Magabox MG4 USB ports

Magabox MG4 Top base


MG4 Benchmarks

The Magabox MG4 has a benchmark score of 56,267 in the AnTuTu benchmark.

It has a low RAM copy speed of 2764 MB/s, indicating slower performance in terms of memory operations. The internal read and write speeds are 149 MB/s and 111 MB/s respectively, which are considered decent.

In terms of network connectivity, the Wi-Fi 6 adapter performed well on the 5GHz band, achieving the maximum speed of the network at 154 Mbps.

The 2.4 GHz band also performed reasonably well, achieving a speed of 114 Mbps. However, the Ethernet LAN port, which is not a gigabit LAN port, only reached a speed of 94 Mbps.

In its CPU benchmark, it only qualified for the Geekbench 5 CPU benchmark and scored 99 Single-core, and 323 Multicore performance. These scores indicate average performance in CPU-intensive tasks.

In testing graphics performance, the MG4 qualified for the wildlife test but experienced continuous crashes. As a result, the slingshot extreme test was run instead, and it scored 267. This score suggests decent graphics performance, although not exceptional.

Based on these benchmarks, the device ranks at position 107 in the TV Box ranking Chart.


Magabox MG4 Antutu benchmark



Pro Features

Maga Live and Maga VOD Live streaming
Android 10 ATV OS
Allwinner H616 chipset 1.5 GHz
Mali G31 GPU w/Vulkan
Built-in screen rotation
Wi-Fi 6 Adapter
Dolby Atmos/DD+/HD MA/DTS-X/DSUR/TrueHD
Wireless remote included
Cheap price compared to others


Magabox MG4 DRM info

Magabox MG4 Top root access

Magabox MG4 Top front

Magabox MG4 screen mirroring

Magabox MG4 launcher

Magabox MG4 Top wireless remote

Magabox MG4 Dolby TrueHD



Magabox MG4 Pros and Cons



Final Thoughts

In summary, the MO of MagaBox MG4 is its Maga TV and Maga VOD service. In comparison to similar models such as the Superbox and Monsterbox in my opinion I do see any difference in the quality of the service and it appears that they are feeding off the same servers.
If you are looking to purchase this box for performance, I don’t recommend it as its hardware falls within the chipset budget category, and intensive activities will result in overheating.


How to Purchase the Magabox MG4

Official Website To Buy:
Whatsapp on
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  1. I am a little confused. In your final thoughts you state: my opinion I do see any difference in the quality of the service and it appears that they are feeding off the same servers. I am kind of confused by this statement as there is no mention of what the difference would be. Other than that, thanks for the excellent review.

    • Hi Mike, I mentioned in the intro that some believed it runs faster and more efficiently than other live TV models such as the Superbox and Monsterbox. In my conclusion I was merely trying to state that I don’t see any difference in the service provided by this model to those models, seeing that the service itself is being supplied by the same servers.


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