JMachen Hyper Base R1 Review – 51,667 Retro Games

JMachen Hyper Base R1 Retro Gaming Console Review

A popular hobby among people who were young in the 80s and the 90s is retro gaming, and the JMachen hyper base R1 was designed to deliver thousands of retro games to those still wishing to enjoy this type of gaming. To put things into proper perspective it’s actually an Android TV box with an SD card inserted containing the Retroarch platform with thousands of retro game titles. So it’s not really a dedicated device such as a gaming console.

Available to purchase separately are larger SD cards with up to 110,000 games you can use on this same Tanix TX3 TV Box from JMachen. You can also purchase it directly with different game sizes from the store. Included in this purchase is a pair of high quality dual shock gamepad controllers that you can use for two player games. However, there are some games that you can use up to four controllers, but it will mean having to use a USB hub connected to the box.

JMachen Hyper Base R1 in the box

JMachen Hyper Base R1 Specs

Tanix TX3 Amlogic S905X3 TV Box
2X Dual Shock Gamepad Controllers
5V 2A DC Power Adapter w/Manual Switch
1 MicroSD Card w/Retroarch EmuElec 53,667 games

Tanix TX3 Specs

CPU – Amlogic S905X3 1.9GHz
GPU – Mali G31
Storage – 32GB eMMc
Wi-Fi – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5GHz
Bluetooth – 4.1

Final thoughts

What I can say about the performance of the games played on his console is that they run smoothly and its audio is loud and clear so you may have to watch the volume of your TV or monitor. One thing you should know is that there are a lot of games that run on the Commodore 64 emulator that require you to have some knowledge of the keyboard commands to get those game running. So those games can be a bit frustrating.


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