Edge2 Most Powerful TV Box Known To Man

Khadas Edge2 ARM mini PC Android TV Box DIY project

I finally completed my DIY project of the Khadas Edge2 ARM mini PC, and converted it into an Android TV Box by installing their latest Android 12 firmware. In its maker kit state it could not be used appropriately as an Android box without a proper case due to exposed components. With the release of their DIY case that converts the Edge2 into an attractive Android device will access to all its I/O ports.


The reason for wanting to use the Edge2 as an Android TV Box, is due to its superior performance over standard Android TV Box models that always  server from limitations in one area or another. The Edge2 provides 64 bit firmware, Octa-Core Rockchip CPU 2.263 GHz, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, Mali G610 quad-core GPU up to 1GB, and advanced cooling via a cooling fan and heatsink.

If you are into gaming whether Android games, retro gaming, or PS2 emulation gaming the edge to is your dream device. No matter how large in size or difficult its graphics is to render the Edge2 CPU and GPU processing speed can handle it with ease. If you are into playing self hosted videos in HDR HLG with surround sound audio formats the Edge2 and deliver all surround sound audio formats and videos encoded with HDR HLG with the Kodi media player only. Other players seem to have issues processing the surround sound audio formats.

Khadas Edge2 ARM Mini PC top grill


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Edge2 Cooling fan + heatsink


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Edge2 Cooling fan + heatsink 


KKSB Khadas Edge2 heatsink case


Khadas Edge2 Hardware

Rockchip RK3588S
2.25GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex-A76 + 1.8GHz Quad Core Cortex-A55 CPU
ARM Mali-G610 MP4 GPU up to 1GHz
Build-in 6 TOPS Performance NPU
4K@60fps AV1, 8K@60fps H.265 Decoding
8K@30fps H.264/H.265 Encoding
HDR, HDR10, HLG Video Processing
8GB/16GB LPDDR4X 2112MHz, 64-bit
Wi-Fi module AP6275P
2T2R Wi-Fi 6, IEEE 802.11 ax/ac/a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 5.0


Khadas Edge2  I/O ports

  • USB HOST – what will and in an x1 USB 3.1 + x1 USB 2.0
  • USB-C – x1 PD (Power Deliver) Only x1 USB 3.1 + PD + DP 1.4, up to 4K@60fps
  • HDMI – Type-A Female, 8K@60fps HDMI2.1, Dynamic HDR, CEC, DSC 1.2a and HDCP 2.3
  • MIPI Display – x1 30-pin 0.5mm FPC Connector 4-lane MIPI-DSI Interface, Resolution up to 4K@60Hz
  • Touch Display – x1 40-pin 0.5mm FPC Connector 4-lane MIPI-DSI Interface, Resolution up to 4K@60Hz I2C and GPIO for Touch Panel
  • Cameras – x3 30-pin 0.5mm FPC Connectors 4-lane MIPI-CSI Interface per Connector ISP Resolution up to 48MP
  • Expand IO – x2 30-pin 0.5mm FPC Connector CPU: I2C, UART, SPI, SDMMC, I2S, ADC, PWM, USB MCU: SWDIO, SWCLK, UART
  • Pogo Pads – 7-pin, USB, UART, 5V
  • Cooling Fan Header – 4-pin 0.8mm Header PWM Speed Control
  • DMIC – Stereo Digital Microphones



Khadas Edge2 Benchmarks

  • Antutu v10 – 564,665
  • Geekbench 6 – 811 Single/2,311 Multi
  • Wildlife Extreme – 1,113
  • RAM Copy Speed – 26,850
  • Internal storage Speed – 262 Read/114 Write
  • Wi-Fi Speed (based on 154Mbps) – Wi-Fi 6 AX 2.4GHz Max speed | 5GHz MAX speed

See the Khadas Edge2 position on my rankings chart here – Top TV Box Rank Chart 


Khadas Edge2 ARM Mini PC Antutu benchmark



Rockchip RK3588S Octa-Core CPU 2.2 GHz
ARM Mali G610 quad-core GPU 1GHz
Very high benchmarks chart topping
OOWOW installation manager
Android 12 operating system mobile version
Quickstep launcher drag-and-drop features
Navigation bar/full status bar w/notifications
Touchscreen capabilities/dual monitor display
USB type C display port
Root access
8K display up to 60hz/4K up to 120 Hz
HDR/HLG HDR display
Open GL ES 3.2 w/ Vulkan
4K HDR videos play smoothly
All surround sound audio formats TrueHD ( Kodi )
Built-in screen rotation and physical screen rotation
Alternative launchers w/ custom live wallpapers
YouTube in 4K HDR 2160p resolution
Excellent 3D gaming on highest graphics levels
Gamepad keymapping ready
Fast PS2 emulation gaming w/ upscaling 2.5 X
Fast Wi-Fi speeds 2.4 band over 120 Mbps
No overheating cooling fan heatsink accessory




Khadas Edge2 ARM Mini PC pros and cons



Final Thoughts

In summary the Edge2 is not an official Android TV Box but an ARM mini PC you can assemble to perform the role and it does so with superior performance and style with its attractive case. This Mini PC is not for everyone as there is a high price tag attached to it. But as the saying goes if you want to the good stuff you would have to pay for it and this unit is value for money. For cons well it does not certified to play services such as Netflix in HD and 4K only at basic resolution due to low Widevine HDCP requirements.

It does not come with a power supply or wireless controller to complement the rest of its components. The firmware does not have a root switch. And there is no ethernet LAN port.

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