KICKPI KP1 TV Box Amlogic S905xxx Fully Google Certified

KICKPI KP1 Google certified Android TV box review

Have you ever heard about a brand called KICKPI? If not there are a new brand on the market with their first TV Box release called the KICKPI KP1. It appears that they are focused on the certified models to stream Netflix and others in HD and 4K with full Google protection features. In this review we take a look at what the KP1 has to offer in relation to its hardware, features, and the price.

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Unboxing the KP1: What’s in the Package?

Upon cracking open the box, you’ll find the KP1 TV box model itself, accompanied by a Bluetooth voice remote boasting Google Assistant functionality and dedicated app buttons. Also included are essentials like an HDMI cable, a 12V 1.5A DC power supply (which caught my eye), and of course, a user manual to guide you through setup and usage.

KICKPI KP1 in the box

Design and Connectivity: A Closer Look

The KP1’s shell sports a sturdy plastic build, housing an array of ports including HDMI 2.1, USB type C, non-gigabit LAN, optical audio, AV, and a DC power socket at the rear. On the side, you’ll spot two USB 2.0 ports, a reset button, and a microSD card reader. Notably, there’s a single LED power light upfront, though it lacks antiskid rubber pads and ventilation holes beneath.

KICKPI KP1 rear IO ports


KICKPI KP1 bottom panel

KICKPI KP1 front LED light

Google Certified: Seamless Integration Guaranteed

One standout feature of the KP1 is its full Google certification, ensuring a seamless user experience from the get-go. Upon initial setup, you’re greeted with the familiar Google TV interface, offering access to a plethora of streaming services in stunning HD and 4K resolution. With Android 11 under the hood and essential apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and more readily available, entertainment knows no bounds with the KP1.


KICKPI KP1 root access info

Enhanced Security and Performance

Underneath its sleek exterior lies robust security measures, including Google Widevine level I certification with HDCP 2.3 protection, ensuring your viewing experience remains safeguarded from potential threats. A quick scan with Bit Defender mobile security app confirmed the device’s cleanliness, providing peace of mind for users. Plus, with support for up to 4K resolution, HDR display, and Dolby Atmos compatibility, every detail comes to life with unparalleled clarity and immersive sound.

KICKPI KP1 malware scan

Multimedia Mastery: A Test Drive

From YouTube videos to self-hosted content, the KP1 handles it all with finesse. Whether it’s HDR10, AV1, or Dolby Vision, the box effortlessly decodes various formats, though limitations arise in the realm of surround sound audio. While Dolby Atmos shines through for streaming services like Netflix, self-hosted videos may encounter compatibility issues with certain formats like DTS HD Master audio and Dolby TrueHD.

KICKPI KP1 of 4K HDR playback

KICKPI KP1 surround sound audio

Performance Metrics: Behind the Scenes

Digging deeper, we explore the KP1’s hardware prowess, powered by an Amlogic S905Y4 quad-core cortex A35 processor clocked at 2.0 GHz, complemented by 2GB of DDR4 RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Connectivity options abound with Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band AC Wi-Fi, though Ethernet LAN speeds fall short of gigabit standards. Despite its modest specifications, the KP1 delivers respectable performance across the board, making it a viable choice for everyday use.

KICKPI KP1 system info


Benchmark Breakdown: How Does it Stack Up?

In rigorous benchmark tests, the KP1 holds its ground, achieving commendable scores in RAM copy speed, internal storage read/write speeds, and network performance. However, graphics-intensive tasks pose a challenge, with the box struggling to complete certain tests effectively. Nevertheless, its overall performance in real-world scenarios remains satisfactory, earning it a solid spot in the rankings.

KICKPI KP1 Antutu benchmark

Final Verdict: Is the KICKPI KP1 Worth It?

In conclusion, the KICKPI KP1 TV Box emerges as a compelling option for budget-conscious consumers seeking a certified streaming solution. With its Google certification, robust security features, and commendable performance, it ticks many boxes for an enjoyable viewing experience. While limitations exist in terms of gaming capabilities and audio format compatibility, these drawbacks are overshadowed by its affordability and functionality.

KICKPI KP1 pros and cons

Where to Find the KICKPI KP1

Currently available on Aliexpress and the official website, the KP1 offers an enticing proposition for those eager to elevate their home entertainment setup. By using the affiliate links provided, you not only support the channel but also gain access to exclusive deals and offers. So why wait? Experience the future of streaming with the KICKPI KP1 TV Box today!

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