Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure Review – High-Tech Explorer Edition

Unveiling the Dockcase Explorer Edition M.2 SSD Enclosure

Today, I’m excited to share with you a groundbreaking Kickstarter project that takes M.2 SSD enclosures and USB Type C hubs to the next level. Feast your eyes on the Dockcase M.2 enclosure Explorer Edition – a sleek device promising faster data transfer speeds, robust hardware protection, and a unique built-in display monitoring feature.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure Laptop connection

The Evolution of Storage Technology

Legacy hard drives are becoming obsolete, with SATA SSDs and ultra-high-speed M.2 NVME SSDs dominating the scene. While M.2 enclosures have revolutionized portable storage, one critical aspect often overlooked is the health of the SSD itself. Despite their lightning-fast data transfer speeds, SSDs have a limited lifespan and can experience performance deterioration over time.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure Mini PC connection

Unboxing the Dockcase Explorer Edition

Let’s dive into the package. In addition to the enclosure, you receive a braided 10 Gbps USB Type C to Type C data cable, a screwdriver, a spare screw for securing your SSD, and a user manual. The enclosure boasts a design featuring aluminum, acting as a heatsink, and tempered glass with an LCD health monitoring screen – a pioneering feature in the world of M.2 SSD enclosures.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure in the box

Easy Installation Process

Installing your SSD is a breeze. Remove the back panel screw, secure your SSD with the provided screw, place it in the designated slot, adjust based on SSD size, peel off the heat pad covering, and reassemble the back panel. Simple, efficient, and user-friendly.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure ssd installation

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure ssd installation heatsink

Testing Performance with Samsung Evo 970 Plus NVME M.2 SSD

For this review, I’ve opted for a 1TB Samsung Evo 970 Plus NVME M.2 SSD, but the enclosure can handle up to 4TB. The core hardware utilizes the Realtek 9210 chipset, commonly found in these adapter boards. Now, let’s explore the enclosure’s monitoring features and assess its data transfer performance against a legacy model.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure Realtek chipset

The Dockcase Explorer Edition’s LCD Display

The standout feature is the built-in LCD display with hardware protection and monitoring capabilities. Upon plugging it in, the enclosure detects the inserted SSD, and your PC or mobile device seamlessly recognizes it. The display indicates Power Loss Protection, SSD type, health status, and USB port information. The color-coded USB port indicator adds a visually intuitive element, changing colors based on the type of port detected.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure main menu

Navigating the LCD Display Menus

To navigate the menu, a combination of long press, double press, single press, and timeouts is required. Accessing SSD information, the “About Me” section, and hardware monitoring screens provide detailed insights into the installed SSD, UI version, and real-time temperature and voltage graphs. The enclosure even allows manual ejection and restart without unplugging.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure SSD info screen

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure system settings

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure live monitor screen

Smart File Transfer Detection and Monitoring

A smart file transfer detection and monitoring feature is a game-changer. It displays live read and write speeds, data session details, and overall data statistics during file transfers – a handy tool for tracking your SSD’s performance.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure file transfer

Performance Comparison with Legacy Enclosures

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – performance. A side-by-side comparison reveals that the Dockcase Explorer Edition, equipped with the Realtek 9210 chipset, exhibits a sequential read speed of 1058 MB/s and a write speed of 1043 MB/s. These results align with other enclosures using the same chipset, confirming its consistent and reliable performance.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure comparison

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure speed test

Final Verdict on the Dockcase Explorer Edition

In conclusion, the Dockcase Explorer Edition stands out as the coolest M.2 enclosure on the market. Its high-tech design is not just for show; it delivers on both performance and SSD protection. Currently available on Amazon in black, pink, and silver, the Dockcase Explorer Edition comes with a $16 coupon, reducing the original $89.99 price at the time of making this video.

Dockcase M.2 SSD Enclosure startup

In the rapidly advancing world of storage technology, the Dockcase Explorer Edition M.2 SSD enclosure takes the lead, providing a comprehensive solution for data transfer, hardware protection, and monitoring. Upgrade your storage game with this innovative device – your SSD will thank you for it!

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