Sunvell T95Z Plus Amlogic S912 Octa Core Android 6.0 TV Box Review

Sunvell T95Z Plus Review

T95Z Plus Stylish and attractive

Sunvell T95Z Plus Amlogic S912 TV-BoxThe Sunvell T95Z Plus Amlogic S912 Octa Core Android 6.0 TV Box is one of the TV boxes that has a unique design. The shape of the box is an octagon and on the surface of the box this octagon shape is repeated forming a really nice pattern in the form of a honeycomb design. Besides the shape the T95Z plus has a multicolored LED light that wraps around the front and sides of the box. The box is made of plastic and it does not carry a power button.


Hardware information

The Sunvell T95Z Plus is manufactured with the latest hardware, it comes with the Amlogic S912 octa core CPU with maximum speed of up to 2.0Ghz on a 64bit chipset. When I ran the Geekbench 4 benchmark app it got a score of  425 single core, and 2130 multi-core. This score in comparison to the Zidoo X9S and the Nexbox A1 the T95Z plus score is close, not higher but very close.

The CPU also has support for the latest GPU, and the T95Z plus comes with the latest ARM Mali T820 Tri core GPU for advanced 3D gaming and brilliant picture and video display. The Mali T820 is equal and in some way surpasses the performance of the Mali octa core 450. The Mali T820 has a maximum speed of 1000 Mhz. With support from the Amlogic S912 the Sunvell T95Z plus has HEVC, H.265 and VP9 decoding, and can play 4K videos at 60 fps. The T95Z plus got an ice storm extreme score of 5774

Sunvell T95Z Plus Amlogic S912 TV Box

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Sunvell T95Z Plus US Model

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Sunvell T95Z Plus EU Model

The T95Z Plus has improved memory and storage capabilities. I discovered something odd about the storage of the box. This box states that it has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, but under system information it show that the box has 2GB of RAM in total, and 11.86GB of internal storage. This is either a mistake of a hardware error. However, you are not limited to the internal storage of the box, you can plugin an external hard drive and convert it to internal storage, a feature now available under Android 6.0.

The Sunvell T95Z plus comes with better WiFi capability, it has 802.11 AC dual band 2.4GHZ + 5.8GHz WiFi connectivity. This makes the T95Z plus now able to connect to the new line of wireless AC routers for faster WiFi internet and data transfer. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0. You also have your standard Ethernet LAN cable connection for direct cable connection to the Internet.
Sunvell T95Z Plus Amlogic S912 TV Box Rear

Software information

The Sunvell T95Z Plus comes installed with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow and preinstalled with Kodi 16.1. The box comes with full root access, or as some people say the box is rooted. What this means is that you have access to install any app you like and you can set permissions for them too. Android 6.0 has some new and enhanced features like custom layout, convertible memory, custom permissions settings for each installed app, and enhanced security features.

Sunvell T95Z Plus Amlogic S912 TV Box with remote

Kodi 16.1 runs very smooth on this box and it starts up very quickly. For out of the box entertainment Kodi comes with preinstalled addons for your enjoyment. I was able to run various 4K videos in Kodi and one or two of the videos wouldn’t play in Kodi media player, but it did play in the media player app that came with android. You can also download and install all your paid movie subscription apps, but keep in mind some of these paid subscription will not show movies in HD quality because the box does not have the digital rights management to allow this. So apps like Netflix will not play in HD.

T95Z Plus Gaming

The T95Z plus not only can handle games in excess of 2GB in size, but handles high graphics games without overheating of freezing up. I ran Mortal Kombat X on the box and I was both impressed and caught up with playing the game for some time until I remember that I was doing a review. You will need a wireless mouse or touchpad keyboard to assist you in navigating Kodi and games on this box, as the stock remote is an infrared remote and it is not 100% responsive.

Ice Storm Extreme benchmark test



I would definitely recommend this TV box to anyone looking to buy a great TV box. It’s  small, attractive, has lots of hardware performance,  and it is filled with  entertainment for the entire family. Just be sure to get yourself a wireless air mouse or touchpad keyboard for easy navigating of apps and games.

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