SuperBox S4 PRO Live Streaming Android Box Review

SuperBox S4 Pro Review

So we are witnessing a sharp decline in Android box releases, and an increase in live TV models with programming that some regard as questionable in relation to reliability and longevity. One such model is the SuperBox S4 Pro which is their 2023 release running on their latest fastest servers.


These boxes are quite controversial as many argue the high price, the legality, and the longevity of such devices. There is also the issue of the quality of the hardware bundle with the service for the price. The service accounts for the majority of the cost as the box itself is a cheap model. After my usual in-depth review of his hardware and features my findings revealed that the service is indeed very good. However box is quite outdated running on an Allwinner H6 CPU, and the Mali T720 GPU. So basically there isn’t much you can do on the box other than stream channels and watch movies.



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SuperBox S4 Pro in the box

SuperBox S4 Pro Hardware Specs

Its an Allwinner chipset running on 2GB of DDR3 RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and its Bluetooth version 5.0. Its CPU is the Allwinner H6 configured in a 32bit mode clocked at 1.48 GHz with support for only 32bit apps and games. Its GPU is the Mali T720 dual-core GPU will Open GL 3.1 support. It has a dual-band AC Wi-Fi adapter. It does not have Vulkan support. Its idle CPU temperature is 63°C. And it has decoders for the playback of 4K HDR videos, but there are no surround sound audio decoders.



Design and I/O Ports

So this model is made of plastic with the SuperBox branding to the top.
For I/O ports it has one HDMI, one ethernet LAN, one optical audio, one IR extender, one AV port, is DC power input, and a pair of external antennas.

To the side has one USB 3.0 port, one USB 2.0, a reset button, and a microSD card slot.
It is an LED display to the front,
And for antiskid rubber feet with ventilation holes to its base.





SuperBox S4 Pro Firmware features

You get 4K display up to 2160p@60hz and this is true 60hz as detected by my capture card.

It has HDR display with auto HDR feature.

It has audio output options, and audio passthrough option.

And You have 67 various languages to choose from.

And that’s all there is. There are no HDMI CEC options, root switch, power key definition options, built-in screen rotation, hardware monitor feature, or Samba server feature.


SuperBox S4 Pro Launcher SuperBox S4 Pro Bluetooth remote



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SuperBox S4 Pro Antutu benchmark


Pros and Cons

The live TV and a video on demand service works really well with no issues, it runs of their new servers and there is a little to no buffering. You get a nice Bluetooth remote with your purchase.

SuperBox S4 Pro pros and cons


Final Thoughts

So in summary the new SuperBox S4 Pro even though the live TV and the video-on-demand service works great, allowing you to cut the cord and put some money back into your pocket, they could’ve done a better job by using a more modern chipset.



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  1. I purchased the super box 4 pro. Live tv freezes constantly no matter what channel I select. Attempted to get technical support for weeks. Either got a bit response or Nothing happened. Very disappointed with this expensive product. Would not recommend it to anyone.


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