Tanix TX6S Allwinner H616 Androids 10 TV Box Review

Tanix TX6S TV Box Review

There aren’t many TV boxes for 2020 running on Android 10Q operating system, and the Tanix TX6s Allwinner H616 is one of them. I am a bit of an optimistic when I see new hardware and new operating systems and eager to see what they bring to the table in terms of performance and features. However the Allwinner H616 CPU is not my favorite CPU to launch operating systems as it has been plagued by performance issues and overheating. In this review my results reveal that the Tanix TX6s is budget TV box and even though it is running on the Alice UX interface.


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Tanix TX6S in the box

Tanix TX6s Hardware

  • CPU – Allwinner H616 Quad-Core 1.4GHz
  • GPU – Mali G31
  • RAM – 4GB DDR3
  • Internal Storage – 32GB
  • WiFi – Single-Band 2.4GHz
  • LAN – 100Mbps
  • Bluetooth – 4.1

Tanix TX6S CPU info

Tanix TX6S System info

IO Ports

  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 LAN
  • 1 AV SPDIF
  • 1 Micro SD
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • 2 USB 2.0

Tanix TX6S rear ports Tanix TX6S side ports Tanix TX6S other side ports Tanix TX6S front view


  • Antutu – 51,979
  • Geekbench 4 – 1,280 Single-Core | 513 multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – 4027
  • SlingShot – 397
  • RAM Copy – 1,923
  • ROM Speed – 106 MB/s Read | 72 MB/s
  • WiFi Speed – 2.4GHz low speed
  • LAN Speed – 100Mbps Low speed

Tanix TX6S Antutu

Firmware Features

  • Alice UX Launcher
  • Android TV OS 10 Q
  • 4GB RAM 32GB Internal Storage
  • Netflix/Amazon Prime Video basic 480P quality
  • Mobile Casting works
  • Bluetooth connection works
  • Gaming is average


Tanix TX6S Dolby Atmos


  • CPU clocked at 1.4GHz
  • Not Rooted
  • No DRM support for Netflix in HD/4K
  • No alternative launchers
  • No Screen rotation
  • No alternative navigation bar support
  • No Status bar support
  • Single band WiFi
  • Low WiFi/LAN speeds
  • Poor 4K video playback
  • No optical audio ports
  • Missing DTS audio formats
  • No Keymapping support
  • Box overheats

Tanix TX6S Pros And Cons


So after considering the the pros and cons of this box I conclude that the Tanix TX6s is budget TV box and it should only be used for streaming movies and TV shows. The overheating still persists with the Allwinner H616 so gaming is not recommend on this box.

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  1. Love your work, but to be honest….I have trouble understanding you. The CPU generated voice was much easier to understand.

    Be safe….

    • It used to sound better because it was American, but the truth is I am not. It was fake, it was not me, and I used to get lots of negative comments about that, I just never used to publish it.
      I need to start being me and start accepting who I am. Over time I will get better, and perhaps you will understand me better.

  2. Many thanks for your honest reviews. TV Box Stop is my go to source for information. My pet bugaboos with many android boxes is that they have poor heat dispersement, are not rooted, have limited RAM/internal memory and don’t run on open android. The best ones are open android, have lower operating temperatures and allow for flexibility and customization of apps, as well as user interface. Magicsee and Ugoos devices seem to be a cut above in this regard.

    • Hi Bill Yes they are. Ugoos and Magicsee are top grade, but Ugoos tops them all. And thanks for comments and kinds words


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