Newest 2020 X96Q Max Android 10 Allwinner H616 TV Box

X96Q Max TV Box Review

I must admit that I got a little nervous when I saw the X96Q Max TV box, because the trend that’s following the Allwinner H616 CPU is one of overheating and low performance. Seeing that X96 is one of the trusted brands in high performance TV boxes I was also eager to see their version of the H616 and the how the dealt with the performance and overheating issues. In this review what I saw was a genuine attempt by X96 to deliver a well-balanced TV box consisting of great features, good performance, and proper management. However, the Allwinner H616 CPU and the chipset is it difficult combination to garner a high-performance TV box from, or deliver the kind of performance benchmarks we have seen from the Amlogic S905X3 chipset. So they managed present some OK features but do one reason or the other fell short in some essential key features. Maybe a firmware update could add some of these missing features, or maybe that’s all we can get.

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X96Q Max In the box


☑️ Hardware

CPU – Allwinner H616 1.5GHz
GPU – Mali G31
Internal Storage – 32GB
Wi-Fi – Dual-Band 2.4GHZ + 5GHz
Bluetooth – 5.0

X96Q Max sysem info

X96Q Max CPU Info


☑️IO Ports

1 HDMi
3 USB 2.0
1 Optical Audio
1 AV
1 Micro SD

X96Q Max Top View

X96Q Rear Ports

X96Q Max side USB ports

X96Q Max front LED clock display

X96Q Max Remote




Antutu – 40,060
Geekbench 4 – 538 single-core | 1119 multi-core
RAM copy speed – 2818 MB/s
Internal Storage – 121 MB/s | NB
Wi-Fi – Max speed 5GHz | 2.4GHz Low Speed
LAN Speed – Max speed

X96Q Max Antutu benchmark



Android 10 Q OS
Launcher wallpaper can be changed
4K 2160p display resolution
Alternative launchers work
Kodi/APKs streaming OK
Bluetooth works OK
4K video play OK
YouTube limited to 1080p
No overheating borderline

X96Q Max launcher

X96Q Max Miracast

X96Q Max webcam view


Dated hardware
No root access
No root switch
No navigation bar/status bar
No screen rotation
No DRM for Netflix in HD/4K
No DRM display/Dolby vision
No Dolby Atmos/DTS Audio
Low Benchmarks
3D gaming laggy

X96Q Max Pros and Cons


I’ll give the developers of X96 some credit. At least in their model you don’t have the ridiculous overheating levels we have seen in my two previous videos. The box did indeed however crossed the 70°C threshold, but it didn’t cross 90° which is good and acceptable in my opinion. But this is not without sacrifice in CPU clock speed down to 1.5 GHz to manage the situation, which affected its performance benchmarks. The part I don’t understand is the lack of essential features such as navigation bar and status bar, including a root switch, the lack of HDR support and Dolby vision, and no Dolby and DTS audio options. Is this a limitation of the hardware itself or is it a mishap in the compiling of the firmware. I wouldn’t know because I am not a developer I can only speculate, but if they managed to include these features it would have overshadowed most of the unavoidable cons, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

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