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Dynalink TV Box Certified Android 10 TV Box Review

Dynalink TV Box Review

The Dynalink TV Box is a little TV box that packs a punch. With this box you get a certified Google Android TV OS TV box which means you have the ability to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and other premium streaming services in HD and 4K HDR resolution quality. What was very surprising to me was its performance benchmarks. For such a small compact device its performance ranked it high among S905X3 models keeping in mind it is S905Y2. The major issue I have with it, is that they should have at least included an SD card slot.

Available Here – $29.99

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Dynalink TV box Hardware

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Final thoughts

The Dynalink TV box is very small and compact, yet it’s powerful enough to play android games with Vulcan support. It is indeed Google certified with all the necessary requirements to play Netflix and other premium streaming services in HD and 4K quality. So there’s no worry about this.


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