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Minisforum UM200 AMD Athlon Windows 10 Mini PC Review

Minisforum UM200 Mini PC Review

This is the latest Mini PC from Minisforum called the Minisforum UM 200. This model comes on the heels of the AMD Ryzen 5 model which is a top-tier model, and the UM200 is one step down in terms of performance. This however does not sacrifice design and I/O ports this mini PC has all the bells and whistles seen in the Ryzen five model only that it has a less powerful CPU. It has a DDR4 RAM and it has the same expandable storage features. During this review I recorded that it has HDR display with digital surround sound audio outputs including Dolby true HD. This is something lacking in the Intel Celeron models. It’s performance benchmarks also outperform the Intel Celeron models, and managed to play some big game titles on the medium to low settings.
So all in all this is a great Mini PC to buy.


UM200 8GB/128GB + 8GB/256GB Available Here –

DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Cable –

USB C to HDMI Adapter(4K@60Hz) –

Android X86 Installation video –


Auzai 1080p portable monitor –

Lepow Z1 Gamut 1080p portable monitor –

Lepow 1080p portable monitor 1st model –



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