Ugoos AM6 TV Box FASTEST!!! TV Box For 2019 Most Powerful Features Ever

Ugoos AM6 TV Box Review


Every once in a while a TV box comes along and its a game-changer in the industry. The Ugoos AM6 TV Box is one such device that took me by surprise delivering the most outstanding performance from a TV box for 2019. This new box by Ugoos set’s a new standard for high-end TV boxes on the marking, by presenting some new and exciting features for the end-user. In this review, you will see features never seen in other TV boxes before and you will witness performance and benchmarks that no other TV box as been able to deliver.



Ugoos AM6 Hardware

  • CPU – Amlogic S922X 6X 2.2GHz
  • GPU – ARM Mali G52 770MHz
  • RAM – 2GB DDR4
  • ROM – 16GB eMMc
  • WiFi – 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz + 5Ghz MMO
  • LAN – 1000Mbps
  • Bluetooth – 5.0

Ugoos AM6 In The Box

Now the Ugoos AM6 is the first TV box to be clocked at 2.2GHz  this makes it the fastest TV box CPU on the market to date. They could have provided 4GB 64Gb which would have made it even more appealing to hardware enthusiasts.


Ugoos AM6 IO Ports

  • 1 HDMI 2.1
  • 3 USB 2.0
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • 1 LAN RJ54
  • 1 AV out
  • 1 AUX in
  • 1 TF card reader
  • 1 Optical SPDIF
  • 1 12V DC in
  • 2 External antennas

These ports comprise of 4 USB ports in total, with an AUX input that I have not tried. The dual external antennas is a plus for users as it can hotspot at a 60ft range. You also have LAN 1000 Mbps speed which is excellent for Internet speed.

Ugoos AM6 Top View Ugoos AM6 Side IO Ports Ugoos AM6 Rear IO Ports Ugoos AM6 Side Dual antennas and power button Ugoos AM6 Front view Ugoos AM6 bottom view

Ugoos AM6 Special features

  • Regular OTA updates
  • Stock remote has new multitasking button
  • Advanced launcher
  • Alternative launchers work
  • Advanced Root switch, with a silent root feature
  • New hardware monitor feature.
  • New gamepad key mapping feature.
  • Mobile remote control feature.
  • Navigation bar and Status bar switch.
  • Built-in advanced screen rotation control.
  • Advanced CEC options.
  • Dolby Vision, Dolby Audio, and DTS audio settings.

I am overwhelmed by all these new features and again it raises the bar in the TV box industry, and I hope we see more TV box manufacturers following this template.

Ugoos AM6 Special features

Ugoos AM6 Performance Benchmarks

  • Antutu – 130687
  • Geekbench4 – 1534 Single-Core | 4189 Multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – MAX Out
  • Sling Shot – 1697
  • RAM Copy – 7319 MB/s
  • Internal Storage Speed – 142MB/s Read | 53MB/s write
  • WiFi Speed – MAX speed on both WiFi bands and LAN

I compare these score to the top-ranking TV box on my chart which was the Beelink GT King and these scores defeated the GT King pushing it down to position number 2. This makes the AM6 top-ranking TV box on my chart.

Ugoos_AM6_antutu_benchmark Ugoos_AM6_Geekbench_4_Banchmark Ugoos_AM6_3D_Mark_Gamers_bench_score Ugoos_AM6_RAM_and_Storage_read_and_write_speeds

AM6 Entertainment Performance

Firstly the AM6 only has Google widevine level 3 and no HDCP protection, so Netflix does not install from the google play store. you have to sideload it via APK download or via Aptoide or APKpure app store. Once I install it along with Amazon prime video, I was only able to stream movies in standard 480p quality.

YouTube is a big deal, but YouTube in 4K on a TV box is even a bigger deal. So to enjoy YouTube in 4K quality You have to sideload the Android TV version or the Smart YouTube version from your favorite APK source.

The next area of entertainment is streaming via Kodi and APK streaming apps. The Ugoos AM6 had no issues in that department it was able to stream free movies and TV shows via third party addons on Kodi, or using one or many APK streaming apps downloaded from my favorite code provider.

For those interested in playing high-quality 4K videos, the Ugoos AM6 will not disappoint you. Now in my videos, I have a list of some very difficult videos at high bitrates that normally people will not be using to plackback on these boxes. So playing regular 4k videos will be a breeze for this box.

Casting your mobile phone to the AM6 works quite well using the Airscreen app for Android and Airplay devices. The box does not have dedicated casting app so the will have to install the Airscreen app from the Google play store.

3D gaming is the ultimate hardware test for a TV box as it pushes the CPU and the GPU and can generate heat, so the quality of the hardware and the cooling design on the PCB is key to delivering a great TV box gaming experience. Well, I am happy to report that the Ugoos AM6 has both high-quality hardware and excellent cooling, so you can game away on this box without issues.


The Ugoos AM6 is work of art with careful hours of though and execution to deliver one of the best if not the best Android TV box for 2019, the scores and performance speak for itself. The Pros far outweigh the cons, and speaking of cons, I did find a few of them. The box should have had 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. They should have designed a custom DRM switch for Google widevine level 1, an HDCP protection for Netflix to play in 4K quality. Just one of my 4K samples had playback issues. And the stock remote. Though innovative in its design should have included an air mouse feature.

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  1. Two things –

    1) Why is the nvidia shield no longer on your list? Did I miss something?

    2) I noticed a feature in the ugoos settings called client/server settings. You did not explore that – I am curious if this has a built in samba/smb feature for transferring files over a 1Gbit network. If so what transfer speeds you could achieve by testing a large file transfer over your network.


    • Hi

      The Nvidia Shield was never in my list, the reason for this is because there is a heading to the top of the spreadsheet. When they release a new model I will review it then, other than that there is nothing new about the Nvidia Shield other than firmware updates. I am looking for new stuff to make videos about if I focus on the Nvidia shield like everyone is suggesting, then there isn’t much to make videos about.

      Your second question is yes the Client/server settings is to facilitate the samba feature. As mentioned before I am not an expert in that area but I asked and the Ugoos guy yes that’s its purpose. How to set it up and configure it I honestly have no experience in that area.

    • I asked that question and got no reply, maybe due to marketing strategy, or maybe not releasing any more models. If new information ariseses, I will publish it in the comments.


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