Minisforum U300 Intel Windows 10 Mini PC – With a touch of Bliss Android 9 Pie X86

Minisforum U300 Intel Windows 10 Mini PC Review

Hi folks, today is a good day to enjoy the great view through your WIndow and enjoy eating some Pie. Well, metamorphically speaking, this is what you kinda get the new Minisforum U300 mini PC. We have seen these in recent times and the many ways in which you can apply these devices, but make no mistake, don’t try to compare this mini PC to an Nvidia Shield where the price is concerned, because this is not a “TV Box”, This is a full-fledged Intel Windows 10 mini PC, that provides you with the option the run an alternative operating system creating an exciting second operating whereby creation your very own high-end TV box that smokes the competition, well almost….

How install Android X86 –

U300 Hardware

  • CPU – Intel Celeron Dual-Core 3867U 1.8GHz
  • GPU – Intel HD Graphics 610 Tri-core
  • RAM – 8GB DDR3
  • ROM – 128GB M.2 Hoodisk
  • WiFi – Dual Band AC3165 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • LAN – 1000Mbps
  • Bluetooth – 4.2

IO Ports

  • 2 HDMI 2.0a
  • 4 USB 3.0
  • 1 USB Type C
  • 1 TF micro SD
  • 1 RJ45 LAN
  • 1 Headphone


Benchmarks Windows OS

  • Antutu – NA
  • Geekbench4 – 2068 single-core | 3352 Multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – 14,462
  • Cloud Gate – 2,904
  • RAM Copy – 8,819
  • Internal Disc – 456 MB/s Read | 427 MB/s Write
  • WIFi/LAN – Max speed 5GH z and LAN/ 2.4GHz fell below

Benchmarks Bliss Rom Android X86 OS

  • Antutu(v6.3.3) – 119,993
  • Geekbench – 2283 single -core | 3942 Multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – Max out
  • Cloud Gate Extreme – 1975 (2063 Vulkan)
  • RAM Copy – 12,850 MB/s
  • Internal Disc – 254 MB/s Read | 267 MB/s write
  • WiFi/LAN – Max speed 5GH z and LAN/ 2.4GHz fell below


Well as a TV box enthusiasts I am not so interested in U300 as a PC. It does a great job at that, but what I am really fascinated by is the ability to install a second operating system using the expandable storage option. Intel hardware was not meant to run Android software, it is too high-end for that which means you get overkill performance when you do. I am very interested in the Android X86 community and the progress they have made in making this option possible. There remains work to be done in the area of sound-card drivers, 4K video playback, compatible with some Android games. However, using it as a streaming TV box is quite overwhelming. Apps and file transfers that took 1 – 2 minutes does it in like 5 seconds, it’s that fast. Gamers can expect frames rates in excess of 50fps making Android games play flawlessly.

3 thoughts on “Minisforum U300 Intel Windows 10 Mini PC – With a touch of Bliss Android 9 Pie X86”

  1. Great review. This box looks very promising! I think I’ll get one rather than a plain Android box like the MXQ G12. This U300 will make for a very fast TV streaming box. Plus with Windows 10, I can use it as a PC on my TV to check my emails etc. That’s a useful feature to be able to run 2 operating systems.

    • Hi, Please note that the Bliss ROM and other Android X86 ROMs are work in progress. Some mini PCs have audio issues where you get no sound via HDMI and mostly you get it through the headphone.
      There is a cool app though that solves this issue called Lesser Audio switch on the Play store that
      works according to what audio compatibility your Mini PC allows access to. The U300 with the Lesser Audio Switch app only has audio via the headphones jack.


      TV Box Stop

      • Thank you for your reply. The audio issue is a challenge as my TV only has HDMI. Otherwise the Bliss ROM looks like it has good potential. Cheers!


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