2019 Newest A95X F3 TV Box RGB Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core Android 9 4K TV Box Stop Review

A95X F3 TV Box RGB Review

No matter how small I always love when a manufacturer introduces something new on the market. The A95X F3 TV Box is the first of its king featuring the first RGB lighting system seen in modern desktop PCs. It is running on the latest Amlogic S905X3 CPU and the Mali G31 GPU, and it delivers 4K video playback, movies and TV shows, and 3D gaming for the whole family. Doing a review in this box I didn’t know what to expect, seeing that so many startup boxes in the past have failed miserably focusing too much on a particular feature and missing the ball when it came to overall user experience.

4GB / 64GB Model $47.75 – http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/DifAIxU4

4GB / 32GB Model $44.41 – http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/ea3IBpeC

2GB / 16GB Model $35.11 – http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/tlvLPWQ4


New G30 Air-Mouse – http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/lcR3B7P6



A95X F3 S905X3 Contents
A95X F3 S905X3 Contents



  • CPU – Amlogic S905X3 1.7GHz
  • GPU – Mali G31 MP6
  • RAM – 4GB DDR3   (2GB available)
  • ROM – 16GB eMMc  (32GB/64GB Available)
  • Wifi – 802.11ac 2.4GHz + 5GHz
  • LAN – 100Mbps
  • Bluetooth – 4.1


A95X F3 S905X3 CPU Info
A95X F3 S905X3 CPU Info

IO Ports

  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 USB 2.0 | 1 USB 3.0
  • 1 LAN 100Mbps
  • 1 AV
  • 1 SD Card
  • 1 Optical Audio

A95X F3 S905X3 Rear Ports
A95X F3 S905X3 Rear Ports
A95X F3 S905X3 side ports
A95X F3 S905X3 side ports
A95X F3 S905X3 Front and RGB display
A95X F3 S905X3 Front and RGB display
A95X F3 S905X3 Bottom View
A95X F3 S905X3 Bottom View



  • Antutu – 71,459
  • Geekbench 4 – 796 Single-Core | 2152 Multi-Core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – 5590
  • Sling Shot – 516
  • RAM Copy Speed – 2967 MB/s
  • ROM Speed – 77 MB/s Read | 70 MB/s Write
  • WiFi Speed – Max  both 5GHz 2.4GHz bands.  LAN 100Mbps Slower
A95X F3 S905X3 Antutu benchmark score
A95X F3 S905X3 Antutu benchmark score



  • Android 9 Pie OS
  • Navigation Bar/Status bar
  • Root switch
  • Dolby Vision/audio/DTS audio
  • Alternative launcher compatible
  • YouTube in 4K
  • HDR Display
  • Gamepad Key-mapping apps work
  • Good 4K video playback
  • Good 3D Gaming
A95X F3 S905X3 Launcher
A95X F3 S905X3 Launcher


  • LAN slow speeds
  • Screen rotation does not work
  • Netflix and Amazon Prime in SD quality only
A95X F3 S905X3 TV Box Pros And Cons
A95X F3 S905X3 TV Box Pros And Cons


So like I said in the video, I really pre-judged this box thinking it would be an under performing TV box due to the 1.7GHz CPU clock speed, but I was wrong. This box not only look great but it performs great also, so much that in some areas it even performed better than the X96 Air that is clocked at 1.9ZGHz. It has better WiFI reception, 4K video playback, and better heat management. Between the two boxes an 64Gb storage I would go with the A96X F3 as a more stable box with better UI interface.

23 thoughts on “2019 Newest A95X F3 TV Box RGB Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core Android 9 4K TV Box Stop Review”

  1. Hallo sir, i just bought this device after watched your reviews
    can i install asphalt 9 in this device? and why my other device can find asphalt 9 on the playstore?
    any suggestion alternative tv launcher that i can use in this device?
    thanks before

    • Hi, yes it can play Asphalt 9. The reason why your other TV box can’t find it on the play store is because it’s running Open GL ES 2.0 and the game requires 3.0 and over.
      Once the play store detects this it will not show up for install.

    • thank you for your respond.
      Ok, can’t wait to received my box then.
      i hope it can run Dolphin Emulator also.
      Any tv box that is better than a95x f3 with reasonable price? under $60

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your detailed video. I liked your expert opinion about the box and have ordered one. Box is still due for delivery. How can a user get the Google Play Protect Certification. I have already tried the google device id service framework links but it just gives numbers and does not “certifies device”. Wish to use Google Translate (Speech to Text) and Google Docs for dictation purposes.

    I really appreciate your time, knowledge and service in reviewing the box. It was helpful.

    • Hi Shaker,

      You will have most of the features you are requesting once you login in to your Google account on the box. As for Google play protect, I have seen it working on my account on TV boxes that are not certified.
      You cannot get certification on these boxes unless provided by the developer through a firmware update that never happens, unless the box is full Android TV OS with Cheomecast and Netflix in HD/4K.


      TV Box Stop

  3. Hi, can it run dolphin emulator?
    Can i change the launcher with Alice UX Launcher?
    Is there better tv boxes with reasonable price under $60?

    Thank you

  4. I’ve installed some apps like redflix, beetv and others, my problem is that they lag a bit, like slow internet connection, but the box is connected 5G (50mbits), and the same app on my android phone connected to regular WIFI doesn’t lag, do you think you can help me? Thank you

  5. Ordered this unit after seeing your review. You are dead on regarding the cool specs, graphics and performance but I found this box has a major flaw. The lack of properly located and number of cooling vents in this box is atrocious. After downloading and test playing several apps, the processor temperature was cooking in the high 60’s to low 70’s celcius. I even tried a cooling fan under the unit but it would not lower the processor temps below 60 celcius. The manufacturer needs to redesign this box and incorporate a lot more vents for this to have any chance of avoiding overheating and eventual failure. A pity as I really liked it otherwise.

  6. How can you tell if you’ve bought a cheap knock off copy of this box please? Great reviews…. Thank you very much.
    Chris. Melbourne, Australia

    • Sometimes what happens is that the manufacturers start off with one mainboard, then switch to another due to demand.
      So sometimes this results in performance issues.
      So unless you have original box to compare the mainboard you wouldn’t know.

  7. Hi,

    This box does not supports many Google Play Apps due to licensing issue. After Factory Reset / Wipe data this box does not starts and lands up in boot mode only. Does not even installs original firmware image after successful making through Burn Card Maker from USB. The Amlogic USB Burning Tool also does not detects device. So overall it has become a piece of plastic due to insufficient instructions and faulty software. Google Play is not certified so Netflix, MxPlayer, Republic does not works as they do in mobile (shows full screen). Notification Panel cannot be accessed by scrolling down. No support from Chinese manufacturers too as they don understand english. don have whatsap or correct phone nos. Overall bad boxing. Dont buy


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