🏆Ranked #1 Top The Chart – Beelink GT King Amlogic S922X TV Box Review

Beelink GT King Amlogic S922X Review

Every once in awhile a TV box is released on new hardware that is worthy of enthusiast attention, and the Beelink GT King is one such box. I have spent the majority of 2019 reviewing boxes in the Amlogic S905X2 line and was quite pleased with the improvement of the CPU and GPU and thought that it would be a while till we see something better on the market. Well, when the GT King was released I knew from the specs that it was in direct comparison to Rockchip’s RK3399 hexa-core seeing that they carry the same dual CPU 6 cores architecture. So my first reaction was like….OK let’s see how it performs and if it is a boiler like the RK3399. Well, I started off with a mediocre mindset and ended as if I won a Ferrari lol!. All this is just to say that the Beelink GT King is the best TV box I have reviewed for 2019, and I believe it beats back every box I have done on my channel.


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Beelink GT King In The Box

The King Of Hardware

  • CPU – Amlogic S922X 6-core Dual-CPU 1.8GHz
  • GPU – ARM Mali G52 Dual-core
  • RAM – 4GB DDR4
  • Internal Storage – 64GB
  • WiFi – Dual-Band ac 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz
  • LAN – RJ45 1000Mbps
  • Bluetooth – 4.1


So Beelink has provided a kick-ass hardware setup, no entry level low-end configuration and gradually working their way up like other boxes. They literally put their foot on the gas with this one, and for TV box enthusiasts like me, this is what we want to see. And if there is a lower model you want to release later on as a budget model do it then for those just interested in streaming.

GT King IO Ports

  • 1 HDMI 2.1
  • 2 USB 3.0
  • 1 USB 2.0
  • 1 RJ45 LAN 1000Mbps
  • 1 AV
  • 1 Optical audio
  • 1 Micro SD


Pretty standard for high-end TV boxes these days, however, I do wish they had included a Type C port which would have made it better than the RK3399 in the number of ports. But you do get 2 USB 3.0 ports where the RK boxes provide one.



Beelink Interface UI

Beelink has chosen not to deviate away from their trademark launcher. I would have liked to see something new seeing that this a game changer, it would have added quite a buzz in the community. Nonetheless, Beelink launcher is one of the best launchers in the industry, and they made an effort to include all the features that TV box users need. First, it’s running on the latest Android 9 pie operating system and it is rooted. The main screen of the launcher has large main buttons that cannot be changed and it includes a working weather widget and a one-click cleanup button for killing background apps, freeing system resources. It comes with the shortcut’s on the right panel, and they have included a navigation bar and notifications bar which I give two thumbs up for including that. I would have been deeply disappointed is they did not.

If you have a launcher of your choice, you have the option to install an alternative launcher like the ADW Launcher 2 that works perfectly with drag and drop features. Another feature of the launcher is the ability to rotate the screen into portrait mode.


🏆Ranked #1 Top The Chart


  • Antutu – 109109
  • Geekbench4 – 1185 Single-core | 3228 Multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme -MAX
  • Sling Shot – 1437
  • RAM Copy – 5572 MB/s
  • Internal Storage – 149 MB/s Read  |  85 MB/s write


4K Video Playback

Those of you who follow my YouTube channel has seen the performance of the Amlogic S905X2 and how it handles my list of 4K videos used on all of my reviews. I tend not to change these videos because I like for boxes to be on even grounds when doing a comparison. The Beelink GT King made a vast improvement in the way it played my 4K samples, though not 100% perfect it managed to play the 4K jellyfish video at 400Mbps. But there was one video, the Cambodia Dolby audio that had some playback difficulty.


Best 3D Gaming Experience

I believe this is the area of most improvement for the GT King. After throwing every game I know to be graphics intensive and demands lots of system resources, the Beelink GT King put on a show with high fps smooth rendering, and stunning graphics details like nothing I have seen before. I set games like Dead Effect 2 to extreme settings and played the game as a high-end phone or tablet does.  This is by far the best gaming experience on a TV box I ever had.



They have released a great TV box and I would recommend this as the best TV box for 2019 thus far. I don’t have much to say, because the performance speaks for itself.

However, there are two cons discovered in my review and that The box does not have HDCP protection for Netflix to play in HD and 4K quality, and you have to sideload the Aptoide version to get Netflix in standard 420p quality. And the other one is that one of my 4K video samples failed to play.

16 thoughts on “🏆Ranked #1 Top The Chart – Beelink GT King Amlogic S922X TV Box Review”

  1. Thanks for excellent reviews. You are doing a great job. Please how can I stop my Beelink gt king from rotating. It rotates when I install some apps. Like antutu benchmark,Facebook and some other apps. When it does rotate, I can’t use it . Not until I off the device.

    • Hi Davidson,

      I am glad you asked. To stop screen rotation install either the app call Screen Orientations or Screen Rotation. Allow all permissions necessary, and before you run any app start it and select landscape mode, then proceed to run your benchmark apps. If you want a little more kick from this box install Kernel editor and go the CPU option and change the CPU option from Interactive to Performance. The menu button is usually hidden in the graph to the left of the editor.

    • I am not in the US to actually prove it, but I am going on the fact that it does not have DRM Google Widevine Level 1, and HDCP protection that encrypts the video signal and prevents devices from recording it.
      I believe Amazon Prime video will support this. The other way is to use a VPN and redirect your IP address as a US IP address, in doing so will all HD features to work. But again no DRM support. So I conclude that Amazon Prime video does not show in HD on this box. If it had Widevine Level 1 on certified Google Android TV OS then I would tell you yes it shows in HD.

  2. Thank you for your detail demo.
    I am in Home theater and I intend to use Beelink GT-King to stream my very big collection of Full HD, 4K, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X. Dolby Vision store in NAS.
    Question 1. Does this android box support 7.1 channels for Dolby Atmos and DTS-X audio play back?
    Question 2. Does this box support HDR10+ and Dolby Vision.


    • Hi Jeff, it has Dolby Vision, Dolby audio, DTS audio, but there are no settings in the settings area to turn them on or off. Son in the video I ran it through the receiver and it confirmed Dolby audio and DTS audio, but I could not confirm Dolby Atmos. But I assume it does.

  3. Hello Jeff..newbie here..currently I have a optical cable connected from my smart tv to my Onkyo receiver..I don’ have it connected to my Beeling gt king optical port on the box..so that being said will I be able to received these different sound formats from this box. I did this because I can turn on the receiver and it will play in surround sound on my sat box channels (dish network) and I have the Hdmi connected to hdmi 3 port on my tv to the box. What are your thoughts? should I go another way or will this Beeling gt king be able to de-code these sound formats..mostly the sound is de-coded in Dolby prologi two from my dish box. Thanks for your attention.

    • Yes it would fine. Once the TV is high-quality and can handle the audio-passthrough, it would pass the digital audio through to the receiver via another HDMI port behind the TV.


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  4. The wifi stoped working on mine in about a week so that sucked. The good news is the wired port has been going strong for a few months with a wireless ethernet bridge. I read somewhere in their forums that apparently they got the wifi and bluetooth wires going to the wrong antennas. Other than that its been great. It’s powerful enough to emulate Dreamcast and everything Else I’ve thrown at it so far.


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