Sunvell T9 Rockchip RK3328 Quad Core Android 8.1 4K TV Box Review

Sunvell T9 Rockchip RK3328 Quad Core TV Box Review

So the Sunvell T9 is one of the last reaming TV boxes from 2018 that runs on the Rockchip RK3328 chip-set. Now the Rockchip RK3328 made its debut  in 2018 and we saw a plethora of TV box released based on this RK3328 CPU. In my opinion the RK3328 was not the best performing CPU and it struggle to satisfy the ever thirsty benchmarkers and 4K video enthusiast, and Android gaming community. Recognizing these challenges, Sunvell made their last Rockchip RK3328 box the T9 with Max hardware to satisfy the remaining Rockchip die hard fans.



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  • CPU: Rockchip RK3328 Quad Core 1.3GHz
  • GPU: Mali-450 MP2 
  • RAM: 4GB
  • RAM Type: DDR3
  • ROM: 64GB
  • WiFi – 2.4Ghz + 5.8Ghz
  • Bluetooth – 4.1
  • LAN – 100 Mbps

When I looked at the hardware and configuration I wondered why they clocked the CPU at 1.3 GHz. 1.5 or 1.8 would have produced much better results in performance and benchmarks. You have lots of and internal storage,  dual band WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.1.  I guess it all boils down to  heat management in most of these TV boxes.


IO Ports

  • 1 HDMI
  • 1 USB 2.0
  • 1 USB 3.0
  • 1 SPDIF audio out
  • 1 AV port
  • 1 DC input
  • 1 MicroSD reader
  • 1 RJ45 LAN

Sunvell_T9_Ports USB_ports

Software Environment

Well the software environment is actually quite good. It runs on Android 8.1 operating system and it is rooted. It has DRM support Google Widevine level 3 which doesn’t allow Netflix to show in HD and 4K, but you do get it in standard quality. YouTube plays in 4K quality. Kodi and movie APKs play in HD quality. Miracast works on this box via the Airscreen app, You can use alternative launchers, and you can play some low-end android games.



  • Antutu – 38403
  • Geekbench 4 – 600 Single-Core   1592 Multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – 2109
  • Sling Shot Test – 484
  • RAM Copy – 3199 MB/s
  • ROM Speed – 38 MB/s Read   46 MB/s write
  • WiFi Speed – Max speed on 5Ghz only



There isn’t much to say about the Sunvell T9, its a cheat Android movie streaming TV box. It’s not a great gamer, and 4K video player, but it does do a great job at streaming movies and TV shows. They have included a navigation bar on the launcher, and up the CPU clock speed to 1.8GHz.

6 thoughts on “Sunvell T9 Rockchip RK3328 Quad Core Android 8.1 4K TV Box Review”

  1. I have used android boxes for a few years but known had casting. We have used Filmon/PVR as we have an account. This box wants the Filmon channels to cast. But then it comes up with an error. If I don’t press the cast button the picture is cloudy. I have reinstalled, installed many different version from google play and even downloaded an old version but still wants to cast. Need someone who actually has Filmon account to see if they have resolved this. Hopefully someone can help

    • Yes you can connect your WebCam to the TV box however I am not sure if the zoom application will have the appropriate drivers for the particular WebCam. I have successfully use the WebCam at Skype on a TV box but I have not broadly tested on other applications.

  2. I have an issue with Google play. It now won’t let me install any new apps. Done the usual clear cache/data etc. I have removed my google account several times and even factory reset the box twice. I can download apps via google play on my other Android boxes just not this one any more. I can update existing apps but not add anything via play. Looked at google help but says all the same clear cache etc. I have no idea why this wont let download new apps via play when it alwats has.


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