2019 Sunvell T95 Max Allwinner H6 Quad Core Android 9 Pie 6K UHD TV Box

Sunvell T95 Max Allwinner H6 TV Box Review


The Sunvell T95 Max Allwinner H6 Android 9 Pie TV box is one of the early TV boxes to launch on the new Android 9 Pie  operating system. At first glance the specs looked great, and givgen the track record of the Alwinner H6 CPU, I was eager to see if this would rival the Amlogic s905X2 boxes. So in this review you will see what my findings were and my overall thoughts on this TV box.


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T95 Max Hardware

  • CPU –  Allwinner H6 Quad Core Cortex A53 (1.4GHz)
  • GPU –  ARM Mali T720 MP2
  • RAM – 4GB DDR3
  • ROM – 32GB Internal Storage
  • WiFi – Single Band 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth – NA

The hardware specs though it’s not bad, most of the informed users of TV boxes will have some issues with the specs. Mainly the single band WiFi and the no Bluetooth support. The CPU clock speed at 1.4GHz is also is of some concern.


IO Ports

  • 1 HDMI
  • 2 USB – 2.0/3.0
  • 1 RJ45 Ethernet LAN 100Mbps
  • 1 AV
  • 1 DC Input

Operating System and UI 9 Pie

Well the selling point of this box is supposed to be the new Android 9 Pie operating system. The T95 Max has adopted the new Android 9 Pie operating which is somewhat better than the the previous version. The Launcher itself has not changed for Sunvell. The launcher is the same Sunvell launcher and it does not come with a navigation bar or notifications bar. Alternative launchers work on this box but not all of them.  The box is rooted, but it does not have Google Widevine 1 for Netflix to play in 4K and HD quality. Miracast and Airplay works well on this box. 4K videos play on this box, though some of them experienced some playback issues. It can play Android games, but only games that support Open GL ES 3.1 and under so there’s some restriction there. I installed a couple gamepad key-mapping apps and could not get them to work on the now Android 9. Kodi and movie streaming APKs work to stream movies fine on this box.


  • Antutu – 45654
  • Geekbench 4 – 640 single-core  1762 multi-core
  • Ice Storm Extreme – 4125
  • Sling Shot – 133
  • RAM Copy – 2769 MB/s
  • ROM Speed – 85.88 MB/s read    54.28 MB/s
  • WiFi Speed – Limited speed on 2.4GHz band and on LAN port


Final Thoughts

The Sunvell T95 Max in my opinion is not the TV box to launch Android 9 Pie on. You see when you present a new operating like Android 9, you raise the expectations of customers and enthusiast who are expecting better interface, more features, and better performance. So the hardware must also be able to deliver on this expectation, and this is not the case with this box.   

35 thoughts on “2019 Sunvell T95 Max Allwinner H6 Quad Core Android 9 Pie 6K UHD TV Box”

  1. Hi, thanks for the interesting video. Unfortunately I watched it after having done what You reccomend not to do, that is installing the SuperSU… Now my device is in permanent loop but I cannot find the file to make a firmware restore. Can You help me, please? Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    This Android 9 firmware and all firmware updates are bad, because the screen resolution on hdmi connector is 1280×720, not fullhd 1920×1080. Older Android 8 firmware, like Q Plus official firmware works on right resolution on this device. I’m not found any solution about this problem.

    Best regards, Robert Cseh from Hungary

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english.

    • Hi! I don’t know if the resolution problem has been resolved. I experienced the same and loaded an android version 7. The resolution is good in this, everything is fine except one. After switching on, in any case, the SPDIF output must be set to the SPDIF output in the android setup menu, as it always returns to HDMI.

  3. Hi man, i have some issue when i play youtube use res 1080p. its seems Ok for an hour, then the box has lost connection (suddenly lost then connected again, like find new wifi signal) after that i cant open youtube, pop-up “youtube not available” appear. the box felt so slow response. i think it was over heated, but when i touch it is not. So i reset to fabric and try again. unfortunately.. its not change anything. so sad 🙁
    any suggestion, thanks in advanced

    my T95 Max box :
    – android ver.9
    – kernel 4.9.118
    – Build 2.1.11

        • 1 Install PhoenixSuit v1.10.

          2 Before installing the new firmware go to settings, open About, tap on the Build number many times until you activate Developer Mode.

          3 Open Developer Options and enable USB Debugging (important).

          4 Connect one end of a male to male USB cable to the USB 2.0 port on the box alone, no power adapter is required for this process.

          5 Using a toothpick or a paper-clip press and hold the reset button located inside the AV. Once the reset button is pressed, then plug the other end into your PC.

          6 You should here the ding-dong sound the PC makes when you plug in a USB device, if you don’t hear that sound then try again until you hear it. It is an indication that the box is connected to the PC, you will not see any drives connected in the My Computer settings, but the PheonixSuit program will indicate that the box is connected.

          7 Once connected, on the program click firmware and browse to the folder where you downloaded the new firmware img file and select it.

          8 once it is loaded, proceed to the flashing process, once completed remove the box and connect it to the TV and allow the box to reboot.

          9 The reboot process will hang for a while on the boot screen as the firmware is being upgraded, and then it will load the new firmware.

          Good luck



  4. hi all,
    just do it :
    1. remove all cover/box, be careful when you removed sticker cable wifi, do not break it 🙂
    2. remove existing heatsink and replace to bigger heatsink (i used processor desktop PC heatsink) lol

    plug all cable and then power ON…taraaaaaa all problem were gone

  5. Trying to install emeuelec to T95Max 4/32 as per etaprime on youtube. Its a branded MBOX running Android 9 Pie.The post on youtube suggests it is very easy but I can’t get emuelec to boot from SD. Thought it might be a firmware issue as when using the toothpick reset option the box fails to power up at all.I found a recovery firmware img build 2.1.8 which was an earlier version than the one currently on the box but I was curious to see if the sd card reader would recognise the restore.img. This worked and downgraded the build to 2.1.8. Still refuses to recognise dtb.img as a boot option from sd card. Tried terminal command reboot upgrade to no avail.Anybody have success with this box for emeulec?

  6. Hi,
    I have a T95Max android box, and recently it started like turning off after a few seconds that it is powered on. It just displays the T95Max logo and turns off, not even going to standby. Anything can be suggested to fix it?



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