GreatLizard AL1 Intel Windows 10 Mini PC Review and Dual Boot to Android X86

Greatlizard AL1 Intel Mini PC Review


This is an Intel Windows 10 mini PC called the Greatlizard AL1. It’s a really nice mini PC that allows you to enjoy it both as a standard Windows computer and as an entertainment movie streaming device.


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How to install Android X86 on Mini PC with SATA expandable storage –

Most compatible Android X86 $9.00 Andex Android 9 X86 –



Greatlizard AL1 in the box


CPU: Intel ApoLLO Lake Celeron J3455
Frequency: Up To 2.3Ghz
Cache: 2M


Operating System: Win10(64 bits)
Memory Size: 4GB
Memory Type: LPDDR3
Hard Disk: 64GB
Graphics: HD Graphics 500
Graphics Frequency: Up To 750Mhz
Power Brick: 12V/2A DC

I/O Port:

LED x 1(blue)
USB3.0 x 3
USB2.0 x 2
RJ45 x 1(1000Mbps)
VGA x 1
HDMI(1.4) x 1
Audio Jack x 1(HP&MIC)
TF Cardreader x 1

Great Lizard AL1 front ports Great Lizard AL1 rear ports Great Lizard AL1 Satta storage expansion drive

Package Included:

Mini PC x 1
Power Cord x 1
HDMI cable x 1
User Manual x 1


Benchmarks Under Dual Boot Android 9 X86

Antutu – 11509

Geekbench – 1656 single-core / 5033 multi-core

Ice storm Extreme – 4136

SlingShot – 1291

RAM Copy Speed – 7977 MB/s

Internal Storage read/write speed – 487 MB/s read / 354 MB/s write

Great Lizard AL1 Antutu score under Android X86



If you are looking for a Windows mini PC with the ability to install an external HDD/SSD hard drive, then the AL1 is full equipped to handle this task. I install various versions of of Android X86 and the one I found most compatible is the Andex Android 9 X86 that comes with Netflix pre-installed and working.


Great Lizard AL1 Pros And Cons

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