Onikuma K2 LED Gaming Headset Review

Onikuma K2 LED Gaming Headset Review

So I have had the K6 the K5, and now the Onikuma K2 gaming headset. I was kinda reluctant to complete this review because I felt like I was going backwards in models and it would have resulted in outdated features and performance. But today I was wrong the Onikuma K2 is a hell of a gaming headset for the price. The performance and quality of the headset, In my opinion feels like a big name brand product. In this review and in the YouTube video review you will see first hand the quality and performance of this gaming headset.

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Hardware Specs

  • The Onikuma K2 has the following specs.
  • Speaker Impedance: 16± 15%Ω
  • Sensitivy: 116± 3dB
  • Frequency range: 20Hz-20Khz
  • Microphone: Φ6.0MM x 2.7mm
  • Mic Sensitivity: -38dB±3dB
  • MIc Frequency range: 30Hz-16Hz
  • Mic Impedance: 2.2KΩ

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Built and Design

The ear-pads are a skin texture protein ear muff for comfort and protection. The microphone is positioned on the left side and it can flip back to a vertical position if you don’t need to use it. On the outer part of the ear pads, there is a RED color LED light to add a modern stylish gaming appearance. There is also an LED light to the tip of the microphone. The head band is adjustable with a chrome nickle and can fit even persons with large heads. The control center consists of a volume control button and a switch to turn the mic on or off. The K2 connector cable consists of 1 USB cable to power the LED’s, 1 earphone 3.5mm jack, and 1 microphone jack.

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Personal User Experience

Firstly I really like the sound quality of this headset. I was indeed a bit worried that I wasn’t going to get the same quality that the K6 delivered, but when I heard the bass this thing was pushing when connected to my cellphone I was like Wow. So I set it up on my binaural microphone testing device and ran Dolby Atmos and music test, and the results wrere good, better than I expected. I even had to go and take a second look again at the price of the headset, to be sure that it only cost $26.00 because I was blown away by what I was hearing coming from the headset. Should you buy it? I have no problem recommending it.

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