Avantek WN-1C White Noise Sleep Machine Review

Avantek WN-1C Review

We have seen many new gadgets and devices on today’s market, but have you ever seen a sleep machine. This is the Avantek WN-1C white noise sleep machine. Well the device doesn’t actually put you to sleep, but what it does is it blocks out unwanted noises by emitting its own set of pleasant ambient sounds, allowing you to get the much needed rest. Does this machine really work, and is it worth your money. Well in this article I will discuss my findings I got from the video review.

Avantek Wn-1C

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Well the first thing I noticed about this device is that it was built fingerprint proof type of plastic, that really keeps the fingerprints of it. Another thing discovered is that there are no press down buttons to press. They implemented a touch button function similar to the way you would touch you cellphone or those on and off lamps. However, it is a nice modern tech savvy feature, and it works really for this device. The audio speaker is placed in an upwards position which allows it to emit the different sounds in an effective way.  I comes with a built in rechargeable battery, so it operates wirelessly for hours.

Avantek Wn-1C controls


From the minute I turned on the switch I was greeted by the first ambient sound. I played through the entire set of sounds and I checked 30 different sounds. Now if you are not careful you can turn this device into its own noise generator because the device is powerful and  the volume can go so high, it can be overbearing. So keep the volume at an acceptable level for smooth ambient sounds. This device works both indoors and outdoors. What would have been a nice feature for this device would have the ability to download your own selection of sounds from a list on their website, because people have very different taste in sounds.

Avanteck WN-1C White noise sleep machine


Does it work? Does it really drown out unwanted noises? Yes it does, and a good job at that too. However, the modern day user have grown accustomed to customizing their own stuff and a custom feature would have been nice. I love when it rains at night, the rain sounds really had me feeling cozy under my blankets. So it is priced at around $44.99 and the manufacturer is offering an introductory coupon discount offer. The build quality is strong and it has a modern touch control feature. That’s all I can say for now on this device, any questions feel free to leave me a comment in the description area.

Avantek WN-1C machine

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