Sunvell T95R Pro Android 7.1 4K TV Box Review


Sunvell T95R Pro Android 7.1 4K TV Box Review

Sunvell T95R Pro 4K TV Box

Today I have the review of the Sunvell T95R Pro Android 7.1 4K TV Box. Sunvell has released some great TV boxes in the past, and I am pleased to see that they released a TV box for anyone searching for a TV box with good performance and accessibility. So in this review I performed my usual root and benchmarks, and I am pleased to report the Sunvell has brought life back into TV boxes, and how a TV box should be.


A close look at it hardware

The Sunvell T95R Pro comes with hardware much similar to other higher end TV boxes in its class. It runs on the Amlogic S912 octa core CPU running up 1.5 GHz. The GPU is no surprise, its 3D graphics and display is powered by ARM Mali T820 tri core GPU, running up to 750MHz. It comes with 3GB of DDR3 RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. I comes with dual band 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.0.

T95R Pro (2)

Results from Sys info and benchmarks

  • Box rooted – Yes
  • DRM Support – No
  • RAM Speed – 3625
  • Internal storage speed – 102MB/s read & 75MB/s write
  • SD speed – 23MB/s read & 13MB/s write
  • Antutu – 42546
  • Geekbench 4 – 501 Single-core and 2433 Multi-core
  • 3D Mark Ice Storm extreme – 5546


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The user experience

I really enjoyed doing the review on this box because this rooted and trouble free. I watched free movies and TV shows, played some games, and totally loved it. The box did not overheat, and I like the new multi-color LED power-light. For a TV box user and blogger, the Sunvell T95R Pro has brought back life in how a TV box is meant to be programmed and how it is supposed to perform.

T95R Pro (1)


In the simplest of terms, yes this is a great TV box to buy, Sunvell has done it again, I got no complains on this box.

25 thoughts on “Sunvell T95R Pro Android 7.1 4K TV Box Review”

  1. My box has frozen, will not go past the initial MBOX start up. This is an unused box. How can l get it to start

    • Yes download stock firmware from this link and
      flash to restore the box. It’s an .img file format with boot tools. Copy and paste files in the unzipped folder onto a SD card the place it in the box. Hold the reset button while powering on the box and it should boot straight into a firmware update. Remember, unzip and copy and paste all the files in the 2GB-v1012 folder, not the folder itself okay. The files are 1.28GB when unzipped, so use a 2GB larger SD card.!smRCDKQb!Gtdp0xNVNrz1KDu2atw1IwZErrEosT1b6pf17p922Sk

        • The reset button is inside the AV port hole use a toothpick or a paper clip and push inside the AV hole and you should feel a click at the bottom that’s the button right there.

          • I downloaded the firmware to a micro SD card and rebooted. It flashed updating and then crashed and I am no longer able to get the box started….just a black screen. I tried the reset button a few times but nothing happens.
            Any advice on restarting it?

          • I tried the update and the box flashed “updating” and then went black. I have bee unable to get it started again. I tried the reset button a few times but it does not boot up at all. Any advice on restarting it?

          • Yes that happens sometimes when you use the SD card method,to fix that problem use the USB burn tool method via PC and OTG cable.

  2. Just trying out this new box. For some reason is Google Store crashing every time I try to start it. Suggestions on what to do?

  3. The update worked great. Where did you find the firmware if you don’t mind me asking? I’d like to figure out a good source of tinkering, if new firmware comes out.

    Looks like the Android security patches are still from Feb 1, 2017 though, I thought that would have gotten upgrade with the new firmware.

  4. I’ve seen so many of these T95R pro 2g/1 g boxes with black screen I u put the SD care in it will show the 912 logo then go to the android guy updating the green goes to 1% and never updates any ideas?

  5. Hi, i am trying to assist my dad who has the exaxct same T95R Pro but it seems to halt at the logo and cannot persist past this step. I have attempted recovery mode but it still persists. what i see when running commands is Cannot load volume /misc!

    I have also downloaded the zip file per the above posts and copied this to a USB and selected this file as part of the external/usb method, but was getting an error. Any suggestons ? thanks.


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