H96 Pro Dongle Overview

H96 Pro Dongle Overview

H96 Pro Dongle

The manufacturers of the H96 line of TV boxes released their latest device the H96 Pro Dongle. This device is a dongle or TV stick as some people call them, was designed to provide the same streaming capability as the H96 Pro+ TV box in a small portable form factor. It doesn’t carry the same internal storage capacity as the TV box, and the room to support all the IO ports. So this dongle is mainly for streaming movies and TV shows, and not much for other activities.


There is a new H96 Pro TV Dongle firmware release if you encounter this problem – Stock H96 Pro Dongle


 H96 Pro Dongle Hardware

It plugs into your HDMI port and is powered by the included power adapter, or via a USB port at the back of your TV. Unlike the H96 Pro+ TV box, the H96 Pro dongle is designed specifically for streaming. It comes with the same core hard ware seen in the H96 Pro+, it runs on the Amlogic S912 octa core CPU, the GPU is the Mali T820 tri core GPu. It comes with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and 8GB of internal storage with a max extended Capacity of up to 32GB. It comes with dual band WiFi support, and it comes with Bluetooth 4.1 + EDR.

H96 Pro Dongle specs

IO Ports

n this new device, because of how it was designed, it doesn’t come with the full complement of ports used in the TV box version. The H96 Pro Dongle, comes with 2 USB 2.0 ports, a micro SD card slot, a reset button, and a micro USB port. The Dongle only has WiFi connection, and it does not come with an Ethernet port, optical audio port, or an audio video port. This means that all audio and video output is transmitted via HDMI.

H96 Pro Dongle Ports

Software and Launcher

A  good thing about the dongle, is that it comes with the same launcher used in the Pro+ TV box model, and it runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. It also has support for all your streaming movie applications, and it has support for most social media applications. It can play 4K videos at 60 fps, with codecs like H.265, HEVC, and VP9 decoding. If you like to cast content from your mobile device to your big screen, the H96 Pro dongle comes with Miracast and Airplay, for streaming content directly from your mobile phone or tablet directly to your big screen, in real time with little to no lag as possible.

H96 Pro Dongle Launcher

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