NVIDIA SHIELD Plus Remote Review


I own one and it is my personal favorite. I plays games, watch movies, run Kodi, Netflix and all sorts of apps I like. You know when I bought the Nvidia Shield it was only watching Netflix, I had no idea about the power and capability of the device. When I was introduced to the world of Kodi and saw how it performed I was amazed. I had another TV box, a TV stick, and a Fire TV. After using the Nvidia Shield it soon became my main device. Don’t get wrong I still love my Fire TV, but you have to side-load all your additional apps in the back-end including Kodi, and you have to launch it from the back-end also. With the Nvidia Shield everything loads in the front dashboard and you can even install and run apps like Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Kodi, Sling TV,Plex, and all the others.

Games are the bomb on this thing I race, I shoot, I solve puzzles, I fight, Candy crush, you name it the Nvidia Shield can play it. Play from the Google Play store, or from the Shield NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW cloud library.

Whats different about its hardware? It carries the best CPU/GPU on the planet the Tegra X1. The Tegra X1 benchmarks twice higher than any competition Google it and see for yourself. I will not go into ports and other stuff like that see the video for more info.

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