MEMOBOX MX MAX Android 5.1 Amlogic S905 TV BOX Review



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MEMOBOX MX MAX Description

 Here we have the Membox MX Max, to be honest I was ready to give this box a thumbs down but now I have to give it a technical thumbs up. Here is why, the Membox MX Max is a 4K TV box but when put to the test with various 4K videos it could not play them very well and some couldn’t play at all. However, when these same 4K videos were played through the Kodi app they ran flawless. This lead me to the conclusion that the media player installed on the box is no good, but the codecs inside Kodi allows it to play 4K videos quite well hence the technical thumbs up.

Well it comes with the same S905 CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. It comes with 2USB 2.0, 1 micro USB OTG, 1 SD card slot, to the back you have 1 HDMI, Ethernet LAN, power adapter, AV port, and optical audio port. The box comes in a glossy plastic housing and has power button on the top corner. Great box to buy just remember to play 4K media through Kodi.


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