BM8 Amlogic S905X 64bit 2GB 32GB Quad Core Android 6.0 TV Box


BM8 Amlogic S905X Review

MeCool BM8 Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 TV BoxWell doesn’t this TV box look familiar? No! it’s not the KIII, it’s the BM8 Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 TV box. Well lets get right into whats different about this TV box from all the other S905X models hitting the market these days. The only difference I see is that this box comes with 32GB of internal storage and a really new unique looking use interface dashboard. Besides that, it comes with no optical audio port, SPDIF, or AV port. Also there is only 2USB ports.

Now some might argue that you do not need optical audio on this box as you can obtain digital audio via the HDMI, some people like the optional optical audio as a direct connection to your surround sound system, of if you have a second audio system.

The BM8 is not very attractive, but what it lacks in ascetics it makes up for it in hardware performance.

The only down side is that for some reason the video player that comes with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow has some difficulty in playing 4K videos at the 60Hz and up, lower is OK. However the codecs inside Kodi media center seem to play and handle 4K videos at 60Hz and higher better than the default player.

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