2017 Latest T95X Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 TV Box


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T95X Amlogic S905X Android 6.0 TV Box review

95X Android tv box Amlogic S905XSo this is the T95X Android TV box, I hope that the manufacturers of this box didn’t just rush to launch this box for the sake of being one of the first to cash in on the new S905X CPU that runs Android 6.0. My reasons for saying this is that the box feels very light and it priced very cheap. Not that being light determines the quality and performance, because the M9 plus is pretty light and kicks ass. I only hope that this box the T95X follows suite. It does not have the best hardware specs, but it does have enough for what it is intended for which is running Kodi and not games. It can play games, don’t get me wrong but it would be better if it had 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. You get 2 USB, 1 HDMI, SD card slot, 1 AV, no optical audio which is not necessary since HD audio is attained through the HDMI. Great box for movies only, not so great for storage and larger Android games.

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